Elvis’s Love Child?

At our house we have many silly conversations about music. For example:

Hubster: You know Billy Idol is the Elvis of punk rock.
Me: ?
Hubster: Think about it.
Me: Well, he does that sneer thing. And he sort of pronounces words like Elvis.
Hubster and I listen to Billy singing “Rock the Cradle of Love”
Hubster: See? You can totally hear Elvis singing this.
Me: And notice, you never see Elvis and Billy Idol together.
Hubster: See, you’re on to something.
Me: Do NOT blame this on me.

Hubster revised his theory this morning to say Billy is Elvis’s love child–after noting that Lisa Marie Presley sang White Wedding with Billy at the Conde Naste Fashion Rocks thingy in 2005. Little Sister, huh?

What do you think?


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