Walk in the Rain–With Writing Prompt

I’m thrilled to have my regular, warm, rainy Oregon winter back! Freezing temps and clear skies just don’t seem right to me. I’ll take dark and damp over freezing any day.

Today was such a lovely temperature that I had to go for a walk even though it was raining steadily. So of course I had to take my camera so you all could see how awesome things around here look in the rain.

Guess What This Is

Pretty water drops!

Wild Rosehips

Rosehips fascinate me. Also they make a nice tea.

Tree Silhouette

One of my favorite things about winter is the way tree branches look silhouetted against the sky. Photos never seem to really do them justice, but I keep trying. And now for the writing prompt!

I Wonder About This House Every Time I Walk Past

Abandoned houses fascinate me–I always wonder what happens that makes a house stay empty until it starts to fall apart. I wonder if the story is interesting, tragic, spooky? Or just boring? Or . . .? What story does this house tell you? And won’t you share it with the rest of us?


5 thoughts on “Walk in the Rain–With Writing Prompt

  1. Great pix! I, too, was glad to see the return of the right kind of winter weather.

    The house on the hill looks moldy. Short of dunking the whole thing in peroxide, I’ll bet it has taken over everything. The house will probably have to be taken down to the foundations to cure the mold problem.

  2. Your pics are gorgeous as usual. Just an FYI, I was born in Seattle and still have rellies in the area. I love the weather, the coast, the beauty. I miss it and would love to go back someday.

    Now, on to the house. I could write a whole story with this shack at the center. In fact, it gives me the perfect foundation for an idea I have had swirling.

    In a nutshell, my MC’s (young) will be running from the dystopian government and land themsevles in this run-down heap. Oooh, I can see the inside clearly. Thanks for the visual!

    Also, the secrets. There is something dark and mysterious about it. Haunted maybe. Or with a skeleton in the corner denoting how out of the way and unused it is. With a purse or a bag and some sort of document. I have chills thinking about it!

    1. Oooh, yes, intriguing! When you write it you must let me read. Yes, I’m bossy. 🙂

      Also, you should come visit the Pacific Northwest again! Then we could hang out in real life.

  3. I miss Oregon, especially this time of year. Sunny and 65 is not my idea of winter.

    As for that house on the hill… oooh do you know what happened in that house?

    There were four kids who used to live there, but their parents never let them outside to play, never let them become independent. Kept them chained in the basement and abused them…

    Then one day, one of the children escaped and immediately killed his siblings, in a bloody savage way. See the gleam in his eye as he takes the ax upstairs and confronts his parents, leaving their decapitated body parts strewn everywhere.
    One parent managed to call the police while the teen was busy with the other one and when police arrived, the walls, ceiling and floor were covered with blood and gore.

    They had to shoot the teen, as he was feral and threatened the officers.

    And the house is still there, with it’s rust colored splotches on the wall, and it’s stained carpet.

    oooooh it give me chills just writing that!

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