The Difference a Day Makes


Some of the New Chickens Enjoying the Sun
And Some More of the New Chickens


My Favorite Corner of the Front Yard--In Snow
You Can Barely See The Hill

Welcome to Oregon. If you don’t like the weather, just give it a minute.


4 thoughts on “The Difference a Day Makes

  1. Oh my, you look as snowy as we did the other day. Though our trees are used to it.

    Your pics always make me want to hop a plane for a visit! And the chicks? Their fab. I love fresh eggs almost as much as I love milk!

    1. You SHOULD hop a plane. Oregon is a great place to visit. Although I recommend coming some time between April and late June, OR in late September/early October. Those are the nicest times.

  2. Good lookin’ chickens! These are the ones in your freezer now, right?

    I won’t comment on the snow. But the photography is nicely done.

    1. Actually the chickens in the picture are new arrivals–and they are egg chickens, not meat chickens. So they will live a long and pampered life, caravan-ing around our property in the chicken tractor. I can’t remember what breed is in our freezer . . . that is Jeff’s responsibility!

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