Guess What’s Coming?

After freezing temperatures and a snow storm last week, today the temperature is above 50 degrees, and we’re getting a mixture of sunshine and rain–sometimes both at once.

I went out to pull a few weeds and cut back some things–mostly just to get some fresh air–and look what I saw:

Hazelnut (Filbert)

Spring is totally coming y’all. It’ll be a while, I know, but still! Excitement. Also, check out how the twigs are all sort of bristly. That is awesome, I never noticed it before. It’s easy to know for sure what kind of tree this is, because of this:

Hazel Catkins

Later they will droop more and get fuzzier, like this. They are very cool.

And then I started looking at the other trees, and sure enough, wee tight buds everywhere. And they all look different from each other, of course.

Wild Cherry

The wild cherry buds remind me of candy, or cool little beads.

The Old Apple Tree

The apple tree buds are still really tightly tucked up against the tree.


The oak tree, as always, very manly and dignified, with a sophisticated color scheme.

Japanese Maple and My Dirty Fingers

The Japanese maple buds are incredibly dainty, and a gorgeous shade of crimson that doesn’t show up very well in this photo.


And the walnut tree has the most interesting colors. It always looks dead until late spring–the leaves open up long after everything else is bursting with green And you can see, the buds are a dark brown that is almost black. Walnut is crazy cool–the branches actually smell really good, sort of sweet and resinous . . . I’m not sure which variety of walnut we have yet, but finding out is on my to-do list for this year.

This is the great thing about getting to interact with trees and plants on a regular basis throughout the season. You learn to see all the small differences, and pretty soon you can recognize that plant during any season of the year, no matter where you encounter it. Awesome.


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