Maybe I Should Learn to Juggle

I feel like a cartoon character with little birds flying around her head, only in my case it’s not because I’ve been hit, it’s because I have too many ideas for writing projects. I have novel #1 to edit of course. Novel #2 to plot. An old short story that I had shelved wanting to be reworked. A new short story for a secret project I’m participating in. And as of December 31, 2009,  two non-fiction projects wanting to be started.

It’s been a long time since I did any organized non-fiction writing. It’s a very different process for me from writing short stories, which is very different from writing a novel. I’m pondering what method will be best to give adequate attention to each kind of writing. I don’t like to be too rigidly scheduled, so to begin with I think I’ll just do what I have been doing since NaNoWriMo started–sit down to write every day, regardless of how I feel, and work on SOMETHING.  I think I will be satisfied as long as I keep the writing flow going, regardless of what I’m working on. And since I’m easily bored (not to mention easily distracted), I might find myself becoming much more productive if I have a variety of projects in the works. If I find myself not feeling satisfied with my progress, I’ll look for a new method.

What about you? Do you work on multiple kinds of writing all at once, or do you work on one project at a time? Do you schedule your writing? If so, how? Discuss!


6 thoughts on “Maybe I Should Learn to Juggle

  1. I work on each project exclusively. I’m almost done with a draft for a story I started during Nanowrimo, and I can’t wait to go on to the next one. If I wasn’t almost finished with this one, I don’t know how I’d feel. I might want to do more than one when I start the next project. I think I will because it will keep me busy and I don’t have much else to do during the day but write. If I don’t like it I can always go back and do one at a time!

    1. It IS all an experiment to see what works. You’ll have to let the rest of us know how you like the difference, if you decide to work on multiple projects.

  2. When I’m writing a novel, I write one at a time…until I reach the dreaded middle! ^_^ However, since it’s dangerous (for me) to switch to something different, I usually liven things up with a brief short story before I’m back to working on the novel. And by dangerous, I mean that if I leave one novel for another, I might never get back to the first. I did experiment during Nanowrimo. I began editing a novel that I had a first draft for while writing my nano at the same time, but since it WAS a nano, I found that I didn’t have to focus so hard and it was like peppering my work with a fun writing exercise. I quite enjoyed it.

    1. The middle is always a challenge! How to make it interesting, how to keep the flow going, how to show the way your characters are growing and changing. I do think it might be nice to be creating something new at the same time as you edit something older . . . two different ways of stretching the brain, possibly complementary? Will find out.

  3. What about you? Do you work on multiple kinds of writing all at once, or do you work on one project at a time? Do you schedule your writing? If so, how? Discuss!

    I’m working on multiple projects right now and usually always am! I’m quite scheduled right now because I’ve got so many writing projects on the go and thus have no choice! Firstly, I keep journals to jot down ideas for the “Awaken the Divine Feminine” course I’ll be mentoring/teaching at the Wise Woman University (run by Susun Weed – radical herbalist), plus I’m refining an e-book to go along with it (originally I wrote it back in 1995, but it needs serious revision!) – these things have actual deadlines so I’m working everyday on them. I also maintain 2 blogs – one of which (Art Mystic) I am writing daily (poetic writing) in conjunction with the paintings I’m working on and posting these writings every 2-3 days, and then there is a Moon Musings column I’m writing for Susun Weed’s e-newsletter which is due on the 15th of each month and there’s more but I won’t go into everything! So, it’s really deadlines that are keeping me on track!

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