Thank You For Sharing

Usually when I say “Thank you for sharing!” I’m being sarcastic. Just ask my kids. But I actually knew a woman who could say it with a straight face, and mean it. She was nicer than me.

The truth is, however, that I do love sharing. And since I’ve seen several communal/collaborative posts this week in the blogdom, I thought I’d point you toward some opportunities to join the writing conversation.

First, I’ve mentioned it before, but issue number 1 of The Enchanted conversation is live, and is quite delightful. Check it out! Also, they are now accepting submissions for issue number 2, with a Beauty and the Beast theme. If you’re a fairy tale geek as well as a writer, check out their submission guidelines and see if you have something to contribute. PLEASE read their submission guidelines before you flood their inbox–they have very specific requirements, and if you don’t comply with their guidelines you’re wasting your time, and theirs! Just because it’s an e-publication doesn’t mean it’s a free for all.

Next, you have an opportunity to share your thoughts on what you’re reading with the wider blog community at The Elephant’s Bookshelf blog. Go and see if you have something to contribute.

My good friend Cat Woods has asked this week, what is community? And has gotten some very interesting responses in her comments. I love Cat’s blog because she asks thought-provoking questions, and then as people comment she responds to everyone, so she really does get conversations started. Awesome!

And finally, Cassandra Jade is asking for contributions to her blog on the topic of “What is the most important element of a novel to you and why?” Once again, please make sure you read her procedure and follow it when you contribute, to make life easier for everyone!

I am so happy to have discovered so many writers sharing the writing journey via the internet–what an amazing tool. It helps me to feel less isolated while I’m working so hard on something that doesn’t have a guaranteed outcome. Don’t get me wrong, I write because I love it, and because when I don’t write I feel less sane. But it’s nice to have others who are doing what I’m doing, who understand the need, who can share ideas and support . . . perfect for someone like me who really prefers to be alone most of the time, but hates feeling cut off from the world. Oh internet, long may you ride the wind. (Or whatever it is you ride–technology, not really my thing.)

And if you join the dialogue, I promise I won’t make sarcastic comments at your expense.


6 thoughts on “Thank You For Sharing

  1. Michelle,

    I actually snorted out loud at your post! It was like a bad case of the church giggles. Thank goodness I was home alone.

    Thank you for sharing my blog address and those of other writers with your readers. This is part of the community that makes writing such a joy–connecting to others in unexpected and very pleasant ways.

    Thank you for sharing your wit and warmth with your readers every day. You are a delight to read. NaNo08 continues to give me pleasure simply because it was the year I met you.

    And lastly, thanks for being you. You are like a breath of fresh air. This morning our world was painted white by a frost tipped brush. As I leaned out the window to snap a picture of my decorative grass gently swaying atop the snow, I thought of you and how much you would appreciate the beauty.

    I’m totally with you–“Oh internet, long may you ride the wind.”

    1. See?? You’re nicer than me too. You can say “Thanks for sharing” with a straight face. I bet you could even say “That’s a nice story” and mean it.

      I have even TRIED to say it sincerely in the past . . . and it still came out sounding snarky. Sarcasm just sort of happens when I open my mouth!

      Oh and you really should share your picture of the frosty grass, I love to see other people’s plants. I have been known to go on a trip with the hubster and take photos of plants and nothing else. Of course that’s partly because I’m not so good at taking pictures of things that won’t stand still.

      And I promise when I say nice things on the internet I mean them. Sarcasm doesn’t translate well on line . . .

  2. I demand sarcastic comments! But, you’re right, at my expense would be bad. I agree with you about liking alone time, but wanting to feel like I’m part of a community.

    Sometimes, I think the internet rides a very slooooow horse.

  3. Hee Michelle
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  4. Hello Elly,

    It looks like you paid for the pattern using an e-check. When you use an e-check, Ravelry does not allow you to download the pattern you ordered until the e-check clears PayPal, which takes approximately 5 to 7 business days. I have checked PayPal, and the e-check is still on hold. They estimate that it will clear some time today, January 19, but I can’t be sure until it clears. Once THAT happens, I THINK Ravelry will contact you about the download of the pattern. If you can’t access the pattern after the e-check clears, then I believe you will need to contact Ravelry support, since the download is supposed to be an automated thing.

    And to send a message to someone on Ravelry, you can go to their profile page by clicking on their avatar or their username. Once you reach their profile page, you will see a link in the upper right hand corner that says “send message”.

    If you have any further problems, feel free to e-mail me at Hope everything works out!

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