A Quarter Mile of Awesome

As I mentioned to some friends, my usually 15 minute walk took 45 minutes yesterday . . . because I brought my camera. And I brought my camera because my little road is a quarter mile of awesome  . . . if, you know, you ignore that one house with the “elk” chainsaw-carved in to a tree stump.

Did I Mention We Have a Bit of Moss Around Here?

The tree above is just a few feet from my driveway. Don’t let all the moss and lichens fool you–it is very much alive.

Almost Looks Like An Under Water Scene

The Moss and Lichens in these two pictures were growing on a different tree. They are very bizarre alien life forms aren’t they?

Or Maybe They Look Like Something From a Warped Fairy Tale?

The colors are fascinating too, no? Pink! Pale sea green! It’s like the 80’s all over again.


Also, there is Holly growing wild in the woods. It’s particularly stunning this time of  year.


And–girlie squeal!–snowdrops. Aren’t they sweet?


I like spiderwebs . . . as long s they’re not hitting me in the face . . .

Rosehips. And a Very Blue Sky

And y’all know how I feel about roses. Look at the color on these rosehips.

And that concludes our tour. Thanks for joining me.


5 thoughts on “A Quarter Mile of Awesome

  1. Honestly, when you die can I inherit all your beautiful pictures? Just his morning I told DH I wanted to move to Oregon. Now I see these gems and I might have to move without him!

    You are amazing!

    1. Sure, you can have them, but you will have to figure out how to get them off my computer. 🙂

      But it’s not all perfect, you know–there IS the house with the chainsaw-carved elk in a tree stump. Right by the road. It’s very special. I just take pictures of the good parts.

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