Sunday Short Fiction: The Bright Mother

A few weeks ago I started working on some short pieces of fiction as writing exercises. This piece was inspired by a card in The Faeries’ Oracle deck, with art work by my favorite artist, Brian Froud. Hope you enjoy it! (And thanks to Cat Woods for letting me crash her Sunday Short Fiction party.)

The Bright Mother

You’ve wished on the first star of evening, on the full moon and the new, on clouds shaped like cherubs and on rainbows over drenched fields. You’ve lain on  your back, your side, gotten on your knees, in the dark, in the moonlight by the river, in the bright afternoon sunlight of your garden. Swallowed the potions, done the procedures, paid the price.

But every month instead of swelling  your womb releases its rich store of life, and your heart aches a little harder, and you ask why.

This is what you must do.

Tie a pink ribbon in your hair. Go to the woods. Go when the moon is a clear, bright sickle in the night sky, to where the tiny wild roses float on stinging prickled canes, exhaling their fragrance on the leaf-dimmed air. Find the place where the faces in the shadows withdraw when you peer at them, where the red poison mushrooms huddle beneath the thorns. Leave your offering: A clear crystal, a garland of flowers, a vessel of pure water. Make it precious, something you love. Show the Bright Mother the generosity of your spirit.

Carefully, carefully, lest the thorns make you bleed, ease a single pink petal from a five-part blossom. And with that petal’s astringent perfume on your tongue, whisper your prayer to the Lady, the mother of all mothers. Let the night’s beauty overwhelm you.

Go home with gratitude, and wait for your answer.

©Michelle Simkins, 2010


6 thoughts on “Sunday Short Fiction: The Bright Mother

  1. I really like this – you make the woods into such a magical place, and give me plenty to think on. Congrats on perfecting it and putting it up here for public consumption! J

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