A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, and the Winner!

It was a beautiful day yesterday.

Little Feathery Yarrow Leaves

Warm and partly sunny!

A Violet--A Bit Chewed on by Slugs but Still Sweet and Pretty

It really feels like spring–I hope it stays above freezing, even though I know there’s a lot more cold and rain coming.

Rose Leaves Unfurling--Pretty Colors
More Rose Leaves--Look at that Gorgeous Shade of Wine Red

I wanted to stay home and work in the garden, but I’d made plans, so off I went, and I was glad I did.

The Light Coming Through the Thinning Clouds Was Unreal

Even driving was enjoyable, it was so pretty out.

The Hillsides All Veiled With Clouds

(I did not take this photo from a moving vehicle. I pulled off the road.)

This is What I See When I Drive Away from My House Toward Town

But now–now you all want to know who won the drawing for the free Faeries’ Oracle reading!

This One WAS Taken Through The Windshield of My Moving Vehicle

See how tricky I am, making you look at all my pictures first. The winner of the drawing is Tiffaney Jewel! Send me an e-mail, Tiffaney, and I’ll get your reading to you some time in the coming week.


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