You Can Borrow My Idea

Sorry I have not been posting as regularly as usual. That’s because I’m STILL slogging through the 70 to 90 zone and it’s taking all my brain power. Also, we’ve been enjoying lovely weather so I’ve been working in the garden a lot! And doing a lot of reiki. And just generally being busy. But I wanted to show you something that I think is cool. Probably because it was my idea.

One of the drawbacks to having raised vegetable beds is that you can’t just pull the chicken tractor over them and let the chickens scratch out the old roots, eat the pests, and drop their poo on the soil. So I asked the hubster to build this little topper. The four corner posts sink in to the soil on the insides of the bed, to hold the cage in place. The plastic keeps the rain off the girls.

Of course we have to put them back in the regular chicken tractor at night, so the raccoons don’t get to enjoy a chicken dinner. Bu they do a nice job of cleaning up the beds, so we can add some compost and a little fresh soil and be all ready for spring. I love the raised beds. Also, I think the topper is kind of cute. Almost like a little covered wagon. We just take poles and run them under the frame to lift the whole contraption up and put it on another bed. It was simple and cheap, too–the hubster used scrap lumber and an end of a roll of plastic we bought to cover our fire wood. The chickens seem to enjoy it too–abundant worms and grubs and heaven only knows what else.

Eventually we hope to make a proper one with a nest box so we can leave the chickens in over night and just do a lock down like we do with the other chicken tractors. But that, as writing buddy Laura says, “Is future Jeff and Michelle’s problem.”


2 thoughts on “You Can Borrow My Idea

  1. LOVE THIS IDEA! It would actually work to combine chickens with a greenhouse, too. I have customers who overwinter their chickens in the greenhouse – keep them safe and prepares the beds for spring. This idea is fantastic – and budget friendly, too!

    1. Thanks Glenda! We did winter the chickens in the greenhouse one year. Well, not the whole winter–that’s a long time for chicken poo to collect in one place! Yuck! We do plan to eventually build greenhouse-ish tops for cold frame type purposes, maybe this year or next year. So many projects!!!!

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