End of the First Edit, and Dandelions

Phew. I am clear of the 70 to 90 zone, and now I am editing the crucial last few chapters of the book! I THINK I’ll be done with them in the next week, barring any natural disasters. Finishing the first run of edits gives me an enormous sense of accomplishment, even though I have a long way to go on the process of finishing the  novel. But after I finish the first edit, I’ll be working on the plot outline of book two. My plan is to do an informal version of NaNoWriMo with some friends in April to crank out my rough draft of book two. Then it will be intensive editing of book one while book two cools. I am still surprised by how much I am enjoying this process, even though it is often crazy-making.

We’ve been enjoying sunshine and warm temperatures, and I’ve been spending a LOT of time outside. Between that and editing I haven’t had a lot of time for reading or blogging. So you’ll have to bear with me. The rain will be back soon, and I’m sure I’ll blog more regularly then.

In the meantime, check out my dandelion root harvest:

My Precioussssss

All these roots came from a section of garden bed about two feet square. I’ve cleaned them, sliced them up, and put them in a basket to dry. They are part of a scheme to make some herbal syrups as vitamin and mineral supplements.

Look at the size of this one!:

She's Got Huuuuuge--Dandelion Roots . . .

That root was too amazingly huge and gnarly and funky to chop up. I’m drying it as is, and I’ll probably  make one of my nature spirit figures out of it. Because–wow. (And don’t you just love the mud all over my hand and arm? Yay for spring! I do a lot more laundry in the spring.)

Today is a big editing day, and tomorrow I’ll show y’all pictures of my trip to the coast!


4 thoughts on “End of the First Edit, and Dandelions

  1. Congrats on the edits. It is a relief to get the first one out of the way. Also, good luck on the April NaNo. I may try to participate. We’ll have to see what that month brings.

    In addition, I love your spring pictures. It makes me all shades of green to see your flowers blooming when my back yard is still under four feet of snow. The only thing I see are rabbit droppings and my dwindling plants as they continue to get eaten…

    1. It would be super fun if you could do the April NaNo!

      We don’t have too much trouble with rabbits, probably because of our cats and the neighbors’ dogs. Or maybe because this is the country and so there are less risky places to nosh. But I know of some other people who live in the suburbs and have trouble with them!

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