The Liar and the Beach

I say “liar” for two reasons: one is that I promised to blog about our trip to the coast on Tuesday, and here is is SATURDAY and I’m just now getting around to it. The second reason is that I read Justine Larbalestier’s Liar, and let me tell you–you should read it. It was really quite extraordinary, and I think it deserves all the buzz it’s receiving. It is smart and sad and thought provoking, and I’m not going to tell you anything else at all because the less you know about it the better it is to read it. Go read it.

So! The coast. The hubster and I went to Manzanita, which is a lovely little town on the coast 13 miles south of Canon Beach. It is charming and a bit touristy, but in a more slow paced sort of way, and is generally less crowded than the larger tourist towns. Also, the beach itself is beautiful–BIG, with lots of large pieces of driftwood, and a beautiful view of parts of the Coast Range.

Of course, there are TWO book stores, several places to get coffee, and there’s a store that sells yarn, tea and chocolate.  Also, there’s a natural food store and a naturopath and energy workers. This means that Manzanita has everything I need to be happy in life, and I’m campaigning with the hubster to retire there. Or, more specifically, just OUTSIDE of Manzanita, so I have room for  a garden. The houses in the town are all stacked pretty close together.

Here is a beautiful wool woman that is almost life-sized. She hangs on the wall in the aforementioned yarn, tea and chocolate store:

Is she not amazing? The face is especially wonderful.

We had such a perfect day. The weather was unusually warm and sunny. We had ice cream and walked around the shops. We went in the tiny little book store with the eclectic selection and used book offerings. We walked on the beautiful beach, and I picked up so many stones that the pockets of my sweater drooped. The hubster laughed at me. Then we had lunch at a little bar/pub/restaurant, with yummy seafood baskets. Then we walked the beach some more, picked up more stones, and then headed home, tired, full, and relaxed. Here’s one more beach shot, just because I know you want it:

Beautiful, beautiful day.


12 thoughts on “The Liar and the Beach

  1. You have a post about the ingdts in coffee mate that comes up on google. Did you get the ingdts off the bottle directly? I have no doubt you’re right, but nobody else is listing the ingdts that way from what I can find. Very interested in speaking with you about this. Thank you.

    1. Tmit: those ingredients are for Coffeemate SOY (as the post says at the beginning), not regular Coffeemate. Back when I originally wrote that post, I got the ingredients list from the Nestle/Coffeemate website. Since that time, that information has been pulled from the website, and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere else; I also don’t know for sure if they are still making Coffeemate Soy, since I don’t drink non-dairy creamer so obviously don’t shop for it! For the ingredients of regular Coffeemate, I would imagine they are on the container. If they’re not, then I DEFINITELY wouldn’t consume the stuff! HA!

      That post, you will notice, is several years old. Maybe I will go to the store and read the ingredients on Coffee Mate these days so I can offer a follow up . . . people seem to be very worried about what’s in Coffeemate.

  2. They SHOULD be worried about what’s in this stuff. I’m writing a book, and during my research I began looking into dietary detergents–things like polysorbates. All fake dairy products–like “whipped toppings”, “ice cream” (the kind with a long list of ingredients), and “non-dairy creamer” (i.e., Coffee Mate) are more chemical than food. I suspect that Coffee Mate contains polysorbates and/or other detergents, but they’re not listed on the label. The public is catching on that the chemicals they’re being exposed to in food and “personal care” products are toxic in the long-run. They build up in the body, and cause mysterious diseases doctors blame on mysterious “genes” that have never actually been found. Such toxic ingredients are mysteriously disappearing from websites and labels. Anything you can find will be appreciated. If anyone has an old jar or bottle of the old product, I’d love to hear about it. The next best thing will be having the product assayed by a certified lab so the public can know what it’s actually eating.

    On another subject, you might want to look into Windex, Pledge and other scary products made by the Johnson Wax company–SC Johson. They contain a new version of a chemical called 2-BUTOXYETHANOL. This is a highly toxic chemical that is detoxified in the body exactly like hard liquor. SC Johnson was supposed to reveal the ingredients in their products (see Whats Really in Glade Windex and Pledge), but they still can’t figure out what they’re using for fragrances. They told me it would take another year or so before they would be able to post that information. Apparently they don’t want anybody to know as they work on their “new and improved” chemical formulations. A woman has a website about how her family member was exposed to this Windex chemical during the clean-up of the Exxon-Valdez oil spill (

    1. That is some scary stuff. We eliminated commercial cleaners from our house AGES ago. We use baking soda, vinegar, and castile soap for pretty much everything. I can’t stand all the fragrances in cleaning supplies, much less the scarier stuff. UGH!!!!

      As far as food additives, I mostly just follow Susun Weed’s advice: “Don’t eat food with ingredients.”

      I think pretty much everyone is healthier on a diet with as much whole food and as little processed food as possible, and it’s far easier to really be sure EXACTLY what you’re eating that way. I trust nature to feed me more than a lab.

      1. Tmit, I found the ingredients. I’m writing a post with a link and the list of ingredients for regular non-dairy creamer.

        No polysorbate, but plenty of other stuff that makes me uneasy! Anyway, the post will be up momentarily.

  3. Michelle,

    As always your pictures delight the mind and soul. Thanks for sharing them and your serene experiences. When I read them I am right there with you.

    As an aside, I talked about you this weekend (did your nose itch while on the beach?) to my little sister who could be your soul-twin. Kind of makes me feel all warm and cozy like I almost got to talk to you through her…

  4. Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say “thank you” for mentioning our shop in your blog post! We are so glad that you had a great time in Manzanita (it really is an awesome place, isn’t it?!) and we hope to see you the next time you come back to town! Ekahni Books will be there waiting to welcome you back! Have a great Fall season!

  5. Hello! I was googling around and saw that someone had posted photos of wool woman and found your blog. What a happy surprise! I live in a big wetland in Nehalem (neighbor to Manzanita where I keep a studio) and wool woman is one of my creations! Just wanted to say hi, “Hi!”, and thanks for posting photos of her! Maybe I’ll run into you someday when you’re in town… : ) nicole

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