First Edit is Complete!

I’ve finished my first editing pass on the manuscript. And I have a cold . . . so I have nothing else coherent to tell you. Alas.

I’m off to try to find a way to deal with my stuffed up EARS. Yuck.


5 thoughts on “First Edit is Complete!

  1. My ears are still stuffy too though my throat is better and my nasal congestion is almost gone. Any ideas on the ear thing?

    And congrats on the edit! How many times does one edit a manuscript?

    1. Someone suggested two options. 1, drizzle a little hydrogen peroxide in there. I haven’t tried it yet. 2. Wrap a slice of onion in a cloth (so the juice doesn’t sting your skin) and place it over your ear. But you’ve got to keep it there for quite a while. I tried it the other day, but I was so generally miserable I don’t know if it worked or not! I do know it made me smell mighty fine. HA! I might try it again today, though, since I feel a bit better and would be able to notice any improvement.

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