Weekend Writing Dare: The Alnog and Fwith Dare

I was recently reminded of a very fun writing dare I made up during NaNoWriMo. And since my brain is still a little mushy from being feverish, I decided it would make a great post. If you disagree, blame it on my fever.

So first off, what is a writing dare? As I see it, a writing dare is much like a writing prompt, in that it’s meant to give you a little nudge to get the creative juices flowing and maybe stretch your brain in a new direction. But I think a writing dare adds an element of “can you do it? Prove it!” to the process. Also, a writing dare often has levels, and you can choose how many elements of the dare you want to incorporate in to your scene.

I call this the Alnog and Fwith Dare, after characters created by my good friend Liz Staley. I originally created the dare for her, and Alnog and Fwith were born. So, without further ado:

The Alnog and Fwith Dare

I dare you to turn two of your funniest typos in to character names.

Bonus points if you use both characters in the same scene.

Double bonus points if they complete each others’ sentences.

Triple bonus points if they can’t stand each other, but travel, live OR work together and complete each others’ sentences anyway.

Quadruple bonus points if one of them speaks with a lisp.

Quintuple bonus points if one of them is a troll.

If y’all decide to take the dare, I’d love to see the results! Link to them in the comments and I’ll read them all! Also, do you have a writing dare to share with us? Post it! Let us know!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Dare: The Alnog and Fwith Dare

  1. This is kind of funny because the name Ive been using on IRC for years is one big typo. I dont remember what I was trying to change my name to, but I typed “angelfera”. So thats what I stuck with!

  2. This isn’t a typo story, but I once misread something I’d scribbled down. It was meant to be ‘Tech’ but I read ‘xech’ and spent the rest of the day wondering what it could be.

  3. Michelle,

    I took this dare–well, only the name part of it–and used it in my NaNo. One of the names worked fabulously. The other I had to ponder a bit to make it work. But, in true NaNoDare fashion, I succeeded. Not sure if it will make the final cut in the editing process, as I used the one-legged dare extensively and that will be staying!

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