Three Things, Including a Review of Bone Dance

Thing One: I have been icky sick, and am very behind on both blog posting and blog reading. I’m sorry to have been so scarce lately; I am getting caught up reading and commenting now that I am on the mend.

Thing Two: You know, I don’t feel like I’ve spent much time reading in 2010, and yet I look at my list so far and I’ve read 19 novels since January first. Maybe more–I feel like I’ve forgotten some of what I read before I could write it down. In any case, I realized that I was making more work for myself by putting what I’ve been reading on the sidebar and then moving it to the “What I Read” page at the end of the month. I decided to just update my reading list on the “What I Read in 2010” page. I will simply add titles as I read them, and link to reviews when I do them. So, you can check there to see what I’ve been reading. I hope the extra click isn’t too much work for y’all!

Thing Three: And now I will tell you about a book that made me happy cry. Well, it was sort of sad crying too . . . anyway . . .

I discovered Bone Dance by Martha Brooks on the sidebar of Terri Windling’s Blog. And oh I’m so glad I read it. The blurb:

“Life is full of surprises, and sometimes the good and the bad get all bunched up together.” Alexandra’s beloved grandfather said this often. But nothing could have prepared her the death of her father – a man she never knew – and his legacy – a cabin on prairie land near an ancient Native American burial ground. It is at the cabin that she meets Lonny, who seems more troubled than Alexandra. Lonny’s stepfather had once owned that very same cabin and land and always wanted it to go to Lonny. But Lonny, tormented by guilty memories and disturbing visions, refused to take it. Who would have thought it would it end up in the hands of a city girl like Alexandra? He tries not to like her, but is drawn to her nevertheless.

As their story unfolds, Lonny and Alex are haunted and guided by spirits that draw them to the land and to each other in this moving and tender tale about two unforgettable teens.

It’s always hard for me to know what to say about a book I really loved. And I really loved Bone Dance. The story was simple, the characters lovable and flawed, the writing beautiful, and the emotions and sensations richly expressed. The book was both sad and joyful, and I cried more than once while reading it. Of course, y’all know  cry all the time, so that might not mean anything . . . but this was really, really lovely and touching. I definitely recommend it.


5 thoughts on “Three Things, Including a Review of Bone Dance

  1. Michelle,

    You are the barometer for books I read. I have taken on more than one of your recommended reads and loved them as much as you. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of yet another book to add to my list.

  2. May I suggest a tool to use with your blog? It’s called Shelfari. You can add it as a widget, well you can with Blogger, so WordPress should be able to handle it too. It allows you to rate and review the books you’ve read, keep track of the ones you plan on reading as well as currently reading. They even added in a little functionality that has told me that I’ve read 23 books this year and that I’m currently ahead of the pace from last year because I had read 108 books. Oh and its free! if you’d like to take a look at a working shelf.

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