Happy Earth Day! and the Winner.

Happy Earth Day, everyone.

I Bet You're Wondering When I'm Going to Stop With the Dirty Pictures

I hope that a lot of people use today as an opportunity to evaluate their ecological footprint, and find ways to move forward more greenly!

Guess What? Honeybee butt!

I wasn’t sure if “greenly” is a word, but spell check is accepting it, so we’ll go with that! And now I imagine you all want to know about the winner. See how I am, making you look at pictures and listen to my lame jokes before I tell you what you want to know?

Dandelion's hugging. So sweet.

So, the winner is Morgen (the sixth comment). How fitting, since this little contest was inspired by her in the first place!

Thanks for playing, everyone. I’m working on my eco-links page, and will put it up as soon as it’s ready.

Have a beautiful day!


3 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day! and the Winner.

  1. Thank-you Michelle:) I am totally thrilled to win this amazing giveaway from you. I would be pleased to receive the long distance reiki session from you, something which I probably could really use right now.
    Thanks very very much:)

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