Wherein Our Heroine Fails to Reach Her Word Count Goal

I definitely didn’t make my word count for April NaNo. Things looked good coming in to the last week . . .

And then, some personal matters  completely derailed me, and I ended almost 10,000 words shy, and not liking most of what I wrote in April.

But I’m okay with it. I DID show up and write most days. I totally broke my own “write whether or not you feel like it” guideline, but dudes . . . personal crisis. I gave myself permission to A) not reach a goal and B) take a week off from writing.

The good news is, writing buddy Laura and I jumped back on the editing/writing/plotting merry go round again over the weekend, and I feel renewed interest and enthusiasm for the process. So maybe a vacation every now and then is good for the writing, same as it’s good for everything else? And at the very least, life DOES happen, and sometimes you have to take care of business. I believe in dedication to the craft, but NOT in sacrificing all for my art. That leads to drinking too much and saying self deprecating things in interviews, two things I hope to avoid. Well, okay, I often call myself a dork, but I mean it in the nicest way.

But whenever personal things come up–and this was a pretty significant one–I am reminded of a quote I love by Katherine Paterson: “If we marvel at the artist who has written a great book, we must marvel more at those people whose lives are works of art and who don’t even know it, who wouldn’t believe it if they were told. However hard work good writing may be, it is easier than good living.”

Ain’t that the truth.


4 thoughts on “Wherein Our Heroine Fails to Reach Her Word Count Goal

  1. YAY for editing…and MAYBE actually finishing something….or am I being to optimistic???? 🙂

  2. Michelle,

    I hate to think of you going through some tough times. Know that you are in my thoughts as you get real life back in order. Hugs all around and best wishes as you move forward into May.

    1. Thanks for the hugs and good thoughts, Cat. The crisis is not really mine, but a friend’s, so if affects me emotionally, but we are all okay here. Prayers for a friend who is dealing with a truly awful situation are most appreciated though.

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