Up to Something

Sorry I’ve been absent most of the week. I am up to something. I’ll be revealing shortly, as soon as I’m sure it’s going to go the way I think it’s going to go. In the meantime, ye olde homestead is looking really good:

The View from the Driveway
The View from the Porch

We need to get gravel for the paths, but there’s been so much other stuff to do, it might not happen for a while.

The View from the Walkway Next to the House

Back to regular blogging soon, I hope! Hope you all are enjoying spring, and keeping High and Dry if you live in one of the floody places.


2 thoughts on “Up to Something

  1. Michelle, I am living vicariously through you this spring. It mildly helps my itchy fingers as I await planting season in my own little burg.

    Your yard is beautiful and I hope whatever you have up your sleeve works out well for you and we can all dance the happy dance.

    hugs~ cat

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