Chives: Pretty, with a Great Personality

The chives are blooming.

Can You See the Blossoms Pressing Against the Bract?

I love adding the flowers to salads, along with the tasty straws. Yummmmm . . .

Over Half Way Open

But the flowers are also truly striking–sometimes hard to notice just how gorgeous they are, because they’re small. I think that’s true with a lot of herbs; we fail to appreciate the gorgeousness of their flowers because we don’t get CLOSE enough.

Mostly Open

I love getting close enough to get a good look. Right before I eat them!


We all know chives are good in salads, on eggs, or on baked potatoes–and, well, anywhere else you think  throw them at the end of cooking time, or just before serving. But I was interested to read in Juliette de Bairacli Levy’s Common Herbs for Natural Health that chives are a general tonic and blood cleanser, and that “Chives possess all the pungent, antiseptic qualities of onions in a mild form, and are one of the best means of giving onion elements to infants.”

I am a huge fan of food as preventative medicine, and that’s my favorite way to work with the herbs.  Chives are an excellent plant to include in your every day life–good for you, mild enough for almost anyone, and delicious. I’m thinking we might have baked potatoes for dinner .  . .


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