Recommended Reading: The Demon’s Covenant

I received my copy of The Demon’s Covenant yesterday, a birthday present from Writing Buddy Laura. (My birthday was in April, and she pre-ordered it for me way back then! She is too good to me.)

I have expressed to you all my love of Sarah Rees Brennan’s The Demon’s Lexicon once or twice (or possibly three times). I’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of The Demon’s Covenant since before its release date.

I was not disappointed.

Obligatory blurb thingie:

Mae Crawford always thought she was in control. Now she’s learned that her little brother Jamie is a magician and Nick, the boy she’d set her heart on, has an even darker secret. Mae’s whole world has spun out of control, and it’s only going to get worse. When she realises that Jamie has been meeting secretly with the new leader of the Obsidian Circle and that Gerald wants him to join the magicians, she’s not sure how to stop Jamie doing just that. Calling in Nick and Alan as reinforcements only leads to a more desperate conflict because Gerald has a plan to bring Nick down – by using Alan to spring a deadly trap. With those around her torn between divided loyalties and Mae herself torn between her feelings for two very different boys, she sees a chance to save them all – but it means approaching the mysterious and dangerous Goblin Market alone…

Oh, how can I even tell you how I love this book? Perhaps a list?  Yes, lists are nice. I am fairly sure the following list is spoiler-free:

  • It’s difficult to follow up on on a story with a BIG SECRET that is revealed at the end of book one. A lot of authors run out of steam after revealing their BIG SECRET. Sarah Rees Brennan not only didn’t run out of steam-she pretty much used her BIG SECRET as a spring board to take the story to new heights of tension, emotional strife, and excitement. This means she didn’t just have an awesome idea–she got an awesome idea, and then worked with it until it was an awesome  book. There are a lot of awesome ideas that fail to make awesome books–or that make ONE awesome book, and several less awesome books. That is not the case here.
  • Did I mention emotional strife? Dude. The Demon’s Covenant contained more emotional ups and downs than a self-help conference. And while I really hate drama in my real, true, every day life, it makes for excellent reading. Distant mothers, love . . . um . . . convoluted shapes with many more sides than any triangle, near death, dark secrets, betrayals within betrayals within betrayals, death, danger, and sexy dancing. Awesome. I cried a few times. I laughed several times. Many times I found myself, alone in my bedroom, grinning like a fool. And of course there was the occasional near-hyperventilation induced by so much–
  • Snogging. There was much snogging. Since I think it’s pretty much impossible to have too much snogging in a book, this is a good thing.
  • Unexpected plot twists. I love being surprised by books. It doesn’t happen near often enough.

I am sure that if I were dedicated and diligent enough, I could write a much longer list of things to love, but I have to pack! I’m going out of town for three days, to a place with no internet. So, I will see you all next week some time! You could console yourself during my absence by reading The Demon’s Covenant!


One thought on “Recommended Reading: The Demon’s Covenant

  1. Enjoy your mini vacation from the internet. I’ll add this to my list. It’s growing quite long, but I’m determined to order a bunch of books for my summer reading. It’s nice to have a supply on hand for those quiet moments in the garden, at the lake or sipping my morning coffee on the deck.

    Hugs~ cat

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