Breitenbush Hot Springs, Part 1

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So, I am experimenting with the slideshow function. I hope it works–and let me know what you think! This first set of pictures is of the main grounds, our cabin, etc. Tomorrow (or when I get around to it), I’ll post pictures from our walk in the woods, and several photos of one other building that we were particularly excited about, plus some statues . . . and lots of moss.

As far as what to tell you about the trip? We slept. We ate (a LOT. Buffet style meals, three times a day. Excellent food.) We soaked. We went for a walk, and the hubster complained about how my picture taking slowed him down. We napped. I read, of course. And I took lots of pictures. In other words, it was sublime.


6 thoughts on “Breitenbush Hot Springs, Part 1

  1. That looks just great – lucky you! It looks like my kind of place – we have Hamner hot springs just up the road from us. Bout time we took a long weekend! The photos are excellent – and slideshow worked perfectly well.

  2. Wow, that place is absolutely gorgeous! I went to their site and checked things out. Looks like a wonderfully peaceful and magical vacation spot. I escape my job vicariously through your photos! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I am definitely moving in with you. You sure know how to relax.

    Your slideshow was stunning and worked perfectly. Thanks so much for sharing the beauty with the rest of the world!

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