Rosemary for Remembrance

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is definitely high on my list of favorite herbs. This herb in the mint family hails from the Mediterranean, but seems to grow well in Oregon’s climate.

The Bees Love it as Much as I Do

I’m firmly convinced that I will never grow too much Rosemary, no matter how many plants come to live on the farm. The fragrance and flavor of Rosemary never fail to uplift my mood.

The Whole Bush, Viewed from Above

Rosemary is the best herb to flavor chicken, in my opinion, and infused oil of Rosemary is excellent for both cooking and body care–it smells amazing. I make a salt scrub with infused oil of rosemary that is deliciously warming, perfect for damp, chilly days when I can’t seem to get warm. (Instructions for making infused oils can be found here.)

Another View of the Blossoms

Rosemary has a rich history of medicinal use, and an extensive body of folklore assigning to it many virtues including the strengthening of friendship and marital fidelity, and the exorcising of evil spirits.

Closeup of Leaves

There’s a LOT of information on Rosemary out there, so I’m not going to reinvent the wheel on this page. Instead, if you want to learn more about this beautiful plants, see the following articles. All links open in a new window. Happy reading!

Anima Healing Arts blog entry on Rosemary

Henriette’s Herbal Rosemary page (with links to other articles, pictures, etc.)

A Modern Herbal’s Rosemary entry

Susun Weed’s Rosemary article

Wikipedia’s Rosemary entry


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