Sorry ’bout That . . .

Sorry I’ve been absent, blog friends! There has been much craziness around here of late, most of it good!

Farmer’s Market has been a lot of work. I’m off to a slow start, earnings-wise, but I am figuring out how my process will work, finding more efficient ways to do things, and meeting some nice people, so I am still declaring it a success. So far.

Gratuitous Flower Shot

The added busy-ness of the market has meant less free time, and since writing is still top priority, internet time has suffered. I don’t consider that a terrible loss, though! Especially since I just  finished a first draft of a manuscript–a retelling of an old ballad that I’ve wanted to write forever. I hesitate to even say I’ve finished a rough draft, because I know some of my friends will then ask, “Well when will it be FINISHED? When can I read it? When will it be PUBLISHED?” as if simply banging it out means publication! That is not to say that I’m SAD that my friends take an interest in my writing, and are eager to read my work. There’s nothing better in the world than having supportive, interested people in one’s life, and I am blessed with several. This is a very very good thing. I hope that I deserve their faith in my abilities! BUT! I was talking with one non-writer friend about the process, and why it takes so long to finish a (hopefully) publishable manuscript, and she looked at me like, “That is crack-ass crazy–why would anyone even DO that?” It was sort of funny, to be honest. On the other hand, I like this story, and it is actually a stand-alone novel, so that is fun and exciting because it feels like immediate gratification, compared to my other project. Now that the retelling is drafted, I’ll work some more on what I have just decided to code-name my Seriously Ambitious Quartet (SAQ for short). And after a break–I think I’ll wait a month–I’ll start revising the retelling. I’m SO happy to have multiple projects to work on these days. I have a short attention span sometimes, so having a variety of tasks is really good for me.

Have I bored you to death yet?

Assuming you are still reading (and breathing), lookit! This is the garden I was showing pictures of earlier this spring. Can you BELIEVE it? How fast everything grows!

Um . . . Wow

And finally, if you want photos from the Farmer’s Market and info on what I’m doing with the herb farm, you can check it all out at the Dandelion Herb Farm blog.

And now I’m going to take some notes out in to my garden and work on plotting/outlining .  . . as long as the sunshine lasts.

One Last Garden View

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