A View of the Farm

I thought you all my like to see a view of the farm. The hubster took these from the top of the herb house (which is really a fifth wheel trailer, so very elegant).

Looking West-ish

The herb house is situated on the Eastern edge of the property. This view is looking West-ish. On the left half of the photo is the big apple tree: bottom right are some raised garden beds (and my wheelbarrow full of weeds), in front of the carport, garage, and greenhouse. Those are mostly apple and wild cherry trees at the top/back of the photo.


This next photo is of what we’ve always called “the field”, although it’s not so much a field anymore. That pile of ashy looking stuff at the bottom left is where we are going to build more beds this fall, to move many rose bushes in to. All those little hutches are chicken tractors–some for meat chickens, and some for egg chickens. They move frequently. And of course in the almost-middle you can see more raised vegetable beds, and the very very old swingset and slide, which are coming down this summer as they don’t get used anymore and are becoming sort of rickety.

North-ish: The Herbs

And here you see a good view of the front yard, which is  where most of the herbs and flowers grow (except for cilantro, basil, and parsley, which go in with the vegetables since they’re annuals). It’s hard to make out any details in this image, because it’s from sort of fa off. But you’re looking north-ish, and you can see that the north side of the property is mostly planted with Douglas Fir and Western Redcedar trees. On the right, that tower of green is our hops tower (it’s 20 feet tall, and we could have made it taller; it’s only June and the most well-established vine is already past the top and reaching for the sky. That black thing in the lower left of the photo is the roof of my car: the driveway runs between the field and the front yard. You can see that I have a teensy bit of room to expand my beds should I choose too–there’s still a little patch of sunny grass there. A bit further to the right, though, and you’re in the shade of the Walnut tree that is at the Eastern corner of the front yard.

And there you have it. You can see how tiny we are–I’m often a little bit surprised at how much we produce on our teeny little farm. My only complaint about the small size is that if I ever want to have any kind of classes here, I’ll have to limit them to about three people! And they’ll all need to come in one vehicle.


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