Sage Toast, or Cooking with Fresh Herbs for Dummies

Sage Leaf

One thing I’ve been hearing a lot of at the Farmer’s Market is “I don’t know how to cook with fresh herbs.”

And though I was surprised the first time I heard this, it’s not hard to understand. Most recipes call for dried herbs, if they call for any herbs at all, and the thought of learning to incorporate a whole new set of variables into your cooking can be daunting. Especially if you don’t have a lot of time for cooking in the first place.

So I’m going to share with you a way to cook with herbs that takes ten minutes or less and very little skill: Sage Toast.

Simple Ingredients


  • Two pieces of bread (I used locally made Nature Bake Organic Original Surviva Bread. You could use any kind of bread you like–even corn bread)
  • Butter
  • One leaf of Garden Sage (Salvia officinalis): you can also use the Tricolor, Purple, or Golden varieties of Garden Sage.
Thin Sage Strips


Butter your bread. Use the amount of butter you’d normally use for toast. Take one sage leaf, and use kitchen scissors to cut it into thin strips.

Hold the thin strips together in one hand, and using the scissors, snip teeny pieces of sage on to your toast. Use the butter knife to spread them around, so that they are evenly distributed.

Place toast in the toaster oven and toast to desired doneness. Or place on a cookie sheet in the oven on broil until it reaches desired toastiness.


You can substitute any  culinary herb for the sage. Obviously if the leaves are tiny, you won’t cut them the same way. Just make them small, and keep out any woody, hard bits that might be unpleasant to bite in to. Fresh herbs can have an intense flavor: always use a small amount the first time, and up the amount as you discover what flavors you like. Then when you know what they taste like, and which ones you enjoy, you can mix more than one kind of herb.

There. Now you know how to cook with fresh herbs. Wasn’t that easy?


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