Oregon Lavender Festival, 2010

Yesterday my friend Teresa and I went to the Oregon Lavender Festival. The lavender festival is unique in that it isn’t a big fair with one central location. Instead, as the website explains, “Dozens of different lavender destinations throw their doors open to the public so that visitors can experience Lavender in Oregon firsthand by touring lavender farms, lavender nurseries, and lavender celebrations of all kinds.”

Our first stop was the Yamhill Artisan Fair, which is organized by the Yamelas Community Resource Center, an educational outreach organization. The fair was set up in a park under some wonderful shade trees.

The Artisan Fair

The fair had everything from jewelry to fine art to bath and beauty products.  My absolute favorite booth was Moontea Artwork; if I’d had the money, I’d have just about cleaned her out of all of her bird printed things.

The YCRC Booth and Lovely Volunteers

The YCRC booth had lavender plants in white, pink, and of course purple; the plants were gorgeous, and the bees loved them.

White, Pink, and Purple Lavender

There were also bunches of cut lavender, both fresh and dried.

Booth Selling Lavender Bundles
Buckets O' Lavender

I forgot to take a picture of the huge still making lavender essential oil, but I did get a shot of the piles of lavender waiting to be distilled.

Have Some Lavender

From the festival, we moved on to Woodland Lavender, which is my favorite lavender farm of all the ones I’ve visited in Oregon so far.

An Old House at Woodland Lavender
Spectacular Skies
Lavender Against Blue
Beautiful Views
More Beautiful View
Lavender Field

It was hot in the sun, but there were nice shady places to sit.

We also visited Wild Rain Farm, which was lovely and hospital, but where I failed to take any pictures. I have no idea why–I think I was getting overheated. But I did pick up a white lavender plant there, and spent some time with a sweet dog.

Today I’m going to pick MORE lavender in a friends garden. I’m still pretty sure there’s no such thing as too much lavender.


2 thoughts on “Oregon Lavender Festival, 2010

  1. Gorgeous! I would love to visit a lavender farm someday — I can only imagine the heavenly fragrance. In the meantime, I have one lavender plant that is doing well (and two others that aren’t doing so well) in my garden and I “harvested” its blooms (a whopping FOUR bundles!) for the first time this year. They’ve been hanging in my kitchen but now I have to figure out where else in the house to put them (how about … everywhere?). I’ve also got recipes for cookies, lemonades, ice cream and creme fraiche infused with lavender that I can’t wait to try. Breathe deeply … ahhhhh! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

    1. Meg, not sure where you live, but here there are lavender farms EVERYWHERE. It’s kinda crazy, actually. I’ve visited five in my area, and I know there are several more I haven’t visited close by.

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