After six weeks at the local farmer’s market, I decided that it wasn’t profitable enough to continue attending. Which means that I need to regroup and consider my direction; and I’m okay with that.

In the meantime, it’s the time of year when it seems like everything happens at once in the garden. It’s time to start creating things with the plants I harvest, as well as eating them. This week I made lavender wands.

Lavender Wands

I didn’t intend to have a Christmas theme; I just ran out of green ribbon, and had the wine red ribbon on hand. Since some of them will be gifts, it’s all right.

Closer Look at Lavender Wands

I love lavender wands, and making them is addictive. I usually put the ones I don’t give away in my dresser drawers to make things smell nice and keep away the moths.

I also cut some flowers to dry:

Flowers on the Drying Rack

Tiny pink Roses, purple Salvia, Red Monarda, and peach and yellow Yarrow. And you can’t quite see it, but there’s Wormwood and Lamb’s Ear on there too. Those will go in to wreaths, or stay as bundles of bright color–not sure which yet. The lavender is all cut now, and it’s time to start making wreaths with Curly Willow. Creating with plants always makes me feel tranquil and happy, and also helps with inspiration for my creative writing projects. It’s therapy and meditation rolled in to one. And it’s very inexpensive. One of the big perks of running the little farm.

What are you doing with your harvest?


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