Today has been a much needed quiet day for me. The past 10 days or so have been packed with activities, errands, visits, and work. And even though all of these things have been pleasant, by last night I was so tired and overstimulated I wanted to cry. Today I stayed home, made lavender wands, took pictures, and blogged. Tomorrow I might take myself to a matinee at the local cinema; or I might stay home and enjoy the quiet again. I don’t do well with too much socialization and busy-ness.

The worst part about being too busy is that it’s  harder to feel my connection to spirit, and forget taking time for meditation or prayer. Just this morning, when everyone left for work and I finally found myself alone with some space to think, I realized how much I’ve been missing taking regular time for my spiritual practice.

Spiderweb on the Herb House Porch

Then this afternoon I went out to the herb house and saw this tiny spider in the center of its web, hanging between the posts on the porch the hubster built. I used to be afraid of spiders. Then I lived in New Orleans where  roaches the size of helicopters fly through the air, and spiders ceased to wig me out. Then last year I had a series of dreams about spiders, and spider showed up in my meditations and healing sessions as a helper and adviser. Now I feel intimately connected to the energy of spider, and seeing her hanging out near my work space seems like a good sign. Like maybe whoever is listening is acknowledging my renewed commitment to take time for spirit.


Yesterday the Chicory blossoms opened. Chicory looks like such a nothing plant before it blooms; then suddenly, one day, all those delicate periwinkle hued blossoms open, and it’s breathtaking.

Now You See Them, Now You Don't

They always bloom around the same time as the Queen Anne’s Lace–I need to find some growing together to get a picture. They don’t do so great as a cut flower, but the two together is one of the prettiest things ever.


Just looking at them makes me feel all calm and happy. Of course, inhaling the fragrance of lavender all day probably helped with that too. Now I want a nap.


4 thoughts on “Renewing

  1. I’m glad you’re finding your center again. I love taking time to remember who I am and what I’m doing, rather than just spending time doing.

    My lavender stinks this year. It is stunted and ugly and not productive in the slightest. However, my mint is growing so fast I can’t make enouth lemonade to keep up with it.

    As to your little spider friend–they are the bomb in my world. I think they have life all figured out. Beauty and function. Work and patience. They are brilliant little creatures.


    1. Cat, so sad about your lavender! I wasn’t sure about ours, with the cold wet spring, but most of it has done fine. Of course I have a few bushes that just didn’t bother to bloom at all. Kinda weird! But mint dries really nicely, and then you can have mint tea in the winter too. Especially nice when you’ve got a cold.

      And spiders . . . oh yes, they are wonderful to have in the garden. We get some rather spectacular ones around here.

  2. Beautiful flowers! Being an apartment dweller is tough; I miss connecting with the earth. I often think about the wonderful pictures I see on here and it gets me through 🙂

  3. I love looking through your blog and seeing all the photos of your garden. It is magical! I dream of having a garden like yours someday and am presently spending lots of time researching permaculture and collecting seeds for when the time comes.

    Thanks for the lovely blog.


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