August on the Farm

Summer continues to be a harsh task master! Okay that’s not true at all. I am the slave driver here, at least to myself, so I have been keeping occupied. BUT! I am having fun. I am only sad to see the cobwebs collecting in my blog. Here is a little update:

1. We have entered eat-zucchini-every-day season, though we aren’t quite yet to leave-bags-of-zucchini-on-the-porches-of-strangers season yet. Since Laura and I are sharing zucchini, we might not even get there. Riiiight. Here are the zucchini plants. Four of them.

Zucchini, Cucumbers, and Geriatric Chicken

Can you see the weird spot on the chickens back? She is  a very old chicken. But she still lays eggs. We don’t tell her that her hair is messed up, it wouldn’t be polite.

2. I am proud, so proud, of my garden. It continues to amaze me. Though I have now reached that point where everything is falling over from it’s own hugeness. And I need to cut a bunch of wormwood to dry.

Um . . . Dudes

3. We have our first open sunflower bloom. These sunflowers volunteered in the raised beds, and since they were polite enough to stick to corners where they wouldn’t shade anything, we were delighted to let them stay. We probably have the local bird population to thank for planting them.

Nothing Beats Free Flowers

4. August is, as you know, seed season. That is, nature puts on an awful lot of seeds, awfully fast, and starts scattering them everywhere with reckless abandon. I love seeds; their forms are pretty amazing. Check out this little wandering seed.

Little Starry Seed, with Rose Bud

I’m trying not to think about how much that seed looks like a snowflake.

5. I’ve found something to like about thistles.

Pretty Flowers

I’m still pulling them out of my garden beds though.

6. I’m really enjoying my return to my Etsy shop. It means, in some ways, more work for me. But it also means having more of an outlet for creative projects, which I need in order to really be happy.

Since it’s late summer, the curly willow is ready for wreath making, and I have a lot of wreaths started for the shop.

Making Wreaths is Messy

The making of said wreaths is a messy business, one best done outdoors in the shade of the tree. Note my ingenius table-atop-wheelbarrow contraption, which allows me to strip leaves straight in to the wheelbarrow as I work. Once I’m done, or the wheelbarrow is full, I move the table and take the leaves to the compost.

I’ve also been knitting for the shop.

Solar Goddess

And, of course, making smudge sticks, though most of those have sold to local acquaintances so far and few have reached the shop. These two made it there yesterday.

Smudge Sticks Reclining on Calcite

7. Writing/Editing proceeds. Nothing interesting to report, except that I have decided on a project–two projects actually–for this years NaNoWriMo, and I’m seriously excited about both of them. Both are a departure from what I’ve been working on, and will be a fun interlude in the ongoing, plodding progress on the SAQ. I can’t tell you more, because of course they are GENIUS and I don’t want my ideas stolen. Everything is genius before it gets written, y’all know. At least those of you who write know.

8. I started reading Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampires series this week. I am liking them very much; they don’t take themselves too seriously, there’s just enough nookie to keep me happy without slowing down the story, and Sookie Stackhouse reminds me of my more likable relatives. (I don’t think likable looks right, but my spell check insists it is, so . . . who am I to argue with spell check?). The first one is Dead Until Dark. I recommend it for some really fun light summer reading. Which is exactly what I need right now.

9. I think I’m going to do a giveaway here on the blog next week, to celebrate my return to the Etsy shop. Details forthcoming.

I think that’s it for me. What are y’all up to these days? Show and tell time.


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