A Very Etsy Update–and a Giveaway

Ah, September, when I blow the cobwebs off my ambition. Something about August turns me in to a complete sloth every year, but when September comes I usually get my oomph back. I think it’s conditioned behavior from all those years of school.

BUT, that’s neither here nor there, blog friends! I am back in blog land to tell you all about new things going on with my Etsy shop. And to show you a few pretty pictures. And to give one of you a present, because presents are good.

I reopened Green Fingers fully about a month ago, give or take a smidge. I’m once again stocking smudge sticks, pentacle wreaths, and knitted goddesses, along with the oracle readings, instructional PDF’s, and distance reiki sessions that have been there for a while.

I also joined the Pagan Team, one of many “street teams” on Etsy. I’m getting to know my team mates, and they’re a good bunch of people.

And, we are having a sale! The Pagan Mabon Sale runs now through the last day of September, and you can search Etsy for participating items with the tag “paganmabonsale”. Each team member determines how he or she will participate; some offer discounts on fall themed items, others offer free shipping or free gifts.

I am offering my special Samhain “Parting the Veil” blend smudge sticks at 20% off the usual price. They are already listed at the sale price.


But the Pagan Team isn’t the only teamwork I’m doing. I’m also teaming up with a fellow artisan on a few projects. My Etsy friend Rain (also a Pagan Team member) sews lovely pouches and quilts and all sorts of wonderful things, and also sells embroidered kitchen and hand towels with everything from witches and cauldrons to goddesses to fairies, and sells them in her two Etsy shops. And since I can barely sew–and traumatize the stepspawn with my torrent of hateful cursing when I do–I roped Rain in to some collaborative projects. Some are still at the hush hush stage, because they are experimental, but I can reveal to you that she has made me a bunch of wonderful ACEO blanks, and this week I listed the first one for sale. Lookit!

Sewn by Rain, Hand Embroidered by Me

I hand embroidered this little gem with cotton embroidery floss. I love the colors. I am thinking about keeping it. But I can’t keep everything I make that I like–I don’t have room for all of it.

And FINALLY! In honor of fall, and my return to Etsy, and my  joining the Pagan Team, I have decided to give away a Pentacle Wreath.

My Statue is so Patient with all the Posing

This particular wreath is made of Curly Willow (as most of my wreaths are), but the arms of the star are Western Red Cedar twigs. The wreath measures 6″ in diameter and the points of the star are held together with jute twine.

So! How do you win? Well, I will tell you!

To be entered in the random drawing (I will use a random number generator to choose the winning comment), you MUST leave a comment telling me what you will do with the wreath. Will you put it on your altar? Hang it on your door? Give it as a gift? Give it to your dog as a chew toy? (I really hope it’s not the last one. That would make me sad.)

For ADDITIONAL entries, leave a SEPARATE comment for each of the following (these are all optional, but will give you more chances to win).

  1. “Like” the Green Fingers Facebook Page. If you already “like” it, just leave a comment telling me so.
  2. Have a look through the Green Fingers shop and leave a comment telling me your favorite item. (This is totally about inflating my ego. I can admit it.)
  3. Go to Etsy and search using the paganmabonsale tag. Tell me your favorite item that is participating in the sale. (This is totally about making you look at my team mates’ sale items. See, I am not entirely selfish.)
  4. If you purchase something in the Etsy shop between now and September 21, leave a note in the buyer comments portion of the transaction or send me a convo, and I will add you to the pool.

Now, that is all very easy, isn’t it? Good luck to all of you!

You have until midnight on September 21 to enter. Winner will be announced on September 22. Don’t forget, if you leave a comment, I will need some way to contact you if you win–so if your comment isn’t linked to a blog, I will need an email address! If I have no contact info for you, your entry will not be valid!

And I will try to get back to regular blogging now that the annual August Slump is over.


24 thoughts on “A Very Etsy Update–and a Giveaway

  1. If I won the wreath, I’d put it in Obelisk’s room so that I could enjoy each and every time I went out and in and in and out after the feathered cat…

  2. I would put it on our family nature table (altar.) All the special things my children collect outside go on it for the season, and your wreath would be the perfect all natural addition to it!

  3. My favorite in your shop… that knitted goddess! I keep meaning to buy the pattern but my knitting skills are still novice (I can do hats!) and I am not sure the skill level required.

    1. Jaspanelle, can you knit on double pointed needles? If so, I’m sure you can knit a goddess. It’s just knitting in the round, with regular increases and decreases–knit front and back, and knit two together.

  4. In the not entirely selfish world, I looked through the paganmabonsale stuff (mmm eyecandy!) and the Celebrating thy Femininity Goddess necklace is my favorite, far out of my price range but I love it.

  5. I LOVE you wreaths Greenie! Then again I love everything you make. My Kitchen Witch is one of the highlites in my kitchen.
    As to this wreath? I think I would have to say that I would place it on my craft/office door for an extra boost in creativity.♥
    ~bright blessings~

  6. GAH! I tried to tweet this as well and got a FAIL WHALE. I’ll not give up!

    You KNOW I love the knit goddess pattern, but…um…like I need to start ANOTHER project. My lampwork torch and embroidery machine will pout, but I think I’ll get that tut anyway!

    Thinking I’d wear the wreath around my neck on a crocheted rope for some Pagan blingy-bling…or not. I’d put it somewhere special in honor of my humongous curly willow that I miss ever-so-much!

  7. Honestly, I am not sure what I would do with it right now. Once I find a house I am sure that it would be displayed somewhere, and maybe even given some extra decoration. Nothing bedazzled or anything, all totally natural and to accent….as well as add to it’s wonderful energy.

  8. If I win the Pentacle wreath I will hang it next to my front door. It may be helpful in warding off the roaming JWs. No, seriously, I think it will make a great decoration on my plain little front porch, although it may frighten my hubby.

  9. I looked through your things in your Etsy shop. I have always really been drawn to the knitted goddesses, but I have to say my favorite thing is the custom charm.

  10. I would put it on our front door. We don’t “do” Christmas, but I have always liked wreaths, so I would leave this on from fall to winter to welcome people to our home.

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