What Do Carrots and Writing Have in Common?

Um .  . . Nothing, actually. Not that I can think of.

This is another of those posts where I talk about two (or more) unrelated things at the same time. Sometimes I can try to make them seem related, but today I just can’t so I’m not going to try.

1. I think I am not blogging much because I’ve been writing so much on the rough draft(s). Maybe I have an allotment of a certain number of written words per day, and the drafting is taking them all up. I haven’t been tweeting or facebooking or Etsy forum-ing much either, so . . . stands to reason. The rough drafts are using up the verbiage. Might be better in October, when I am plotting more than I am drafting. We’ll see!

2. It has, apparently, been a very good summer for carrots. Witness:


Dudes. That’s over 10 inches of carrot, if you don’t count the stub left from the foliage. And it was thicker than my wrist. And I’m no waif, you know? Here, just so you can really appreciate the scale, behold the carrot next to my stubby little hand:

It's Like That "Twins" Movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito

I was concerned that the carrot would be tough and bitter, but in fact it was the perfect texture and very sweet. All the other carrots are of normal carrot size, so it’s not a matter of waiting too long to harvest–this one was just  . . . um . . . well endowed. It made a wonderful accompaniment for the roasted chicken.  Yum.

3. Back to writing, I’m SO stoked about this years NaNoWriMo. Yes, I know it’s only September. Yes, NaNo is in November. BUT! I love my idea for this years NaNovel. October will be all about plotting. It makes me giddy just thinking about it!!!

4. Don’t forget the contest to win a free Pentacle wreath is still open until September 21, and entering is ridiculously easy.


3 thoughts on “What Do Carrots and Writing Have in Common?

  1. My dear! What a carrot! What the heck did you FEED that thing?!? lol

    Please do enter me to win your lovely wreath, which I intend to hang on my front door to the cheers of my neighbors, and decorate with seasonally-colored ribbons, herbs from my apothecary garden, and soon candy corn danglies for the end of October. My daughter will help decorate it, and my dog will not be interested in it (just the candy corn). 😉

    Btw, your FB page has already been liked (of course), and I think I’ve already favorited your entire store! BUT I will go in and review your Mabon Sale items for my own enjoyment.

    A wealthy harvest to you!

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