New Moon Reading for December 2010

I asked the Faeries if they had anything to share with my blog readers about this moon–the time from the New Moon (last night) to the NEXT New Moon on January 4. And it seems they had a lot to say, because  seven cards leaped out of the deck. The Friends and Himself came first, as a pair, and then The Sage, The Singer of the Chalice (reversed), Iris of the Rainbows (reversed), and the Guardian at the Gate came out together. I alway pay attention to the groups that the cards fall in, and use that to direct the spread.

The Friends card is fairly self explanatory; it’s about the value of friendship. But the Faeries always have more to say than the simple, surface explanation, and they usually have questions to ask as well. You might observe how the fellow on the bottom is carrying his much shorter friend up high, maybe to help him see above the crowd. But if you look attentively you’ll also see that the one being lifted is providing light (admittedly in an unconventional way, at least for humans). This speaks to the spirit of exchange that is so essential to friendship.When we give to a true friend, we always receive, often in ways we don’t expect.

Himself is the good father, the good leader, the embodiment of power used in balance with spirit and love. He is all the best qualities of the male principle, the same energy expressed by Christ and Buddha and many other manifestations of the god. His appearance is not surprising during a season where most of us are celebrating the rebirth of the sun (considered a masculine deity in many cultures), and/or the arrival of god in human form. He holds the energy of protection, vitality, and the seed of life. His appearance in this reading suggests that now is time of great potential for each of us to learn to utilize and direct our powers and abilities with integrity and compassion. A new year is approaching–he urges us to give ourselves to making the most of it. And he reminds us that whatever is happening around us, we are each powerful beings able to affect the world in marvelous ways. His appearance next to the Friends reminds us that power shared is power doubled. Don’t forget your friends.

The Sage is the keeper of wisdom, a teacher and memory keeper. He is the wisdom we must seek out, the wise man in the woods or atop the mountain who knows that the ones who really desire truth are willing to make a life journey to find it. He knows that the truth is sometimes hard to face, but he also knows that sharing it with kindness and compassion makes it easier to bear. He tells me that we are all very focused on how these are “hard times”. But he would like to remind us that ALL times are hard times, in one way or another, and that these things we see as burdens are opportunities for the education of the soul. We have these ideas about illumination, that when the light comes to us all will be well. But that is a mistaken idea. When the light falls on the shadows, it reveals what is hiding in them; and that’s when the real work begins. When the truth comes to light, it’s often painful, and it usually requires something of us; and that something is rarely simple. He urges us to seek the wisdom in our present wilderness, and says that it is vital to do so right now.

Beside The Sage is The Singer of the Chalice, reversed. The Chalice, when upside down, can not be filled. This is a good illustration for all of us who are feeling the presence of lack in our lives, who feel cut off from community or prosperity or happiness, or any other good thing we desire. The Singer wants us to consider if we are holding out our cups to be filled, or if we are holding them against the table while we complain about what we don’t have. Sometimes our very focus on lack and want blinds us to the opportunities we are given to have what we want and  need. Where is your focus as this year draws to a close? Now would be a good time to look ahead and consider what we have to be thankful for, and what we can look forward too with happy expectation.

Iris of the Rainbows comes to us when life’s storms have destroyed our foundation or torn down the things we’ve built. When she comes to us reversed, she indicates that we aren’t in the clear just yet, but that brighter skies are on their way. While we are waiting for the sun to appear–probably hunkered down in our mental root cellar–she suggests that we consider the structures that have been destroyed. Are they actually worth building again? Do we really want exactly what we had before the wind started to blow? Or can we take the falling of our towers as an opportunity for a new beginning, one based on our inner wisdom and our actual needs? I think this is especially timely in light of everyone’s fears that the economy has tanked, we’ve lost jobs and investments and so many things. Now we can reevaluate our wealth and our values, and when better times come, we can rebuild in a more thoughtful, conscious way.

Nelys the Alchemyst is a spirit of transformation. She says: do you think all these shake-ups in your life are an accident? Do you think disaster is ever a coincidence? Nelys is behind a lot of the ripples in our lives. She says that we aren’t very good at listening to the little voice inside that tells us when we need to make changes. She also says that we aren’t very good at paying attention to subtle signals. When we are especially unobservant, she has to pull out the BIG wand to conjure up something that will get our attention in spite of all the distractions we find for ourselves. She is also grinning in a way that probably spells trouble, and telling us to hold on for the ride; sweeping changes are probably in our future. They’ll only be painful if we try too hard to resist them. Nelys suggests that instead of fighting the flow, we pay attention to it right now, and allow it to bring us the changes we need. They’ll be better than anything we could imagine on our own–she promises.

And finally we have The Guardian at the Gate. I love this card. The Guardian appears when a door is open, and shows us how to step through. But–this is very important–the Guardian won’t carry us through the door. We have to walk through on our own two feet. (Though the Guardian says we certainly don’t  have to walk through alone. Remember the Friends). The Guardian would like to say that all the other cards are totally right on about this being a time of opportunity. Furthermore, The Guardian wants us to know that these doors wouldn’t be open for us right now if the universe didn’t believe we are ready for what waits on the other side. It’s time for us all to take the next step on our journey, trusting that we will always end up where we need to be.

I see all of this as a very,very strong message that the coming month holds tremendous opportunity for us to set the tone of our future. And as we began with The Friends, I believe we will do our best work collectively. The presence of Himself at the beginning tells me that we have an offer of a lot of divine assistance available to us as well. So take some time out in the days ahead to really ponder where you want to go next year, because now seems like an ideal time to prepare ourselves for the lives we want to lead.

(Brian Froud’s Faeries’ Oracle is available from most booksellers. For more info, visit his official site. I’m not affiliated with Brian Froud or Imaginosis in any way; I just love his work.)


4 thoughts on “New Moon Reading for December 2010

  1. How cool. I did several readings this morning because I am tired of hanging on the cusp of decision. Which is where I have been for several months, since I graduated last June. Based on what I saw from the faeries this morning I went ahead and finished an application to the MAT/TESOL program at USC. I just need to arrange my second recommendation and send the application fee to USC and the admissions process will begin. After dwelling in indecision for so long it feels good to have finally taken a decision and the necessary next steps. The reading you gave feels like a ‘second to that emotion’ if you will; just another sign saying all is well. BTW, I love Iris of the Rainbows. She comes up in nearly all my readings for the last year, both regular and reversed. I have come to recognize her as my sign to remain hopeful as I fumble through life. Just an aside, I gave a faerie oracle reading for my final presentation in the Science of Mind Foundations class I took this fall. Everyone loved it.

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