New Moon Reading for January 2011

Once again I’ve asked the Faeries’ Oracle what the cards would like to share with my readers and me this new moon.  Only three cards came up this time.

Myk the Myomancer is a keen observer of minute details. He has to be, in his profession–a Myomancer is one who reads the wisdom in the activities of mice. Myk wants to remind us all to pay very, very close attention to the little details, the fine print, the seemingly insignificant and small.  He says this: “You are all very focused on big picture concerns. There’s nothing wrong with that. But don’t forget the little things. It’s a tiny crack that is the beginning of the destruction of a mighty dam. And a tiny seed grows an awful lot of food. Just cuz it’s small doesn’t mean it’s minor.” Of course, seeing the details can also require making TIME. If you’re always rushing, getting down on your knees to observe a family of field mice isn’t so easy to do. Make time to pay attention. And then . . . well, pay attention. Don’t let it all run by in a blur. If you have gotten out of the habit of seeing the little things, I personally recommend taking up a camera and going in to your yard to look for something interesting. Even if your yard seems boring, I bet you can find something fascinating, if you give it a close enough view. Just use the macro setting on your camera.

The Singer of Courage comes to us both when we exhibit courage and when a lot of courage is needed.  The New Year is a brave time, no? We are all making plans and resolutions for how this year is the one–the year we become healthy, beautiful, wealthy, whatever. But of course all this bravado covers up a lot of anxiety. The New Year also reminds us of how we don’t know what the future holds, how we will, no doubt, be different people at the close of the year than we are now. And we wonder, are we ready for the challenges this year could bring? Will we be able to accept the changes that are in store? The Singer of Courage says, “Of course you can handle it. If you couldn’t, it wouldn’t happen.” But the Singer of Courage also reminds us that the universe doesn’t just throw things at us randomly. We’re given changes and challenges, sure. But we’re also given unexpected moments of grace, unearned gifts, laughter and beauty, the kindness of strangers, and . . .

Friends. The Friends came up AGAIN this month, and I promise it’s not because I forgot to shuffle the deck. Apparently it’s really important to remember friendship right now. Well–isn’t it always? I am always harping on the subject of  community with everyone I know, so I feel sort of like a broken record sometimes. But hey, this time the faeries are backing me up, so humor me, okay? Whatever happens this month, this year, this decade, this lifetime, what really determines the quality of our experiences is our relationships. The friends this time want to remind us not ONLY to rely on our friendships, but ALSO to nourish them. In your relationships, do you put in as much as you get out?  Coming full circle–if you feel alone, is it because you are alone? Or because you haven’t paid close enough attention, and haven’t really looked at and appreciated the people in your life? If this isn’t the case–if you really are spending all your time alone–can you be brave enough to step out of your comfort zone, meet new people, and open yourself to the possibility of connection? In the year ahead, we are all going to do better if we have friends in our lives.

This reading was a general message from the faeries for the readers of the blog. If you’re interested in a personal oracle reading, see my Etsy shop.


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