January, You Didn’t Do Right By Me

Okay that’s not entirely true, but . . . where on earth has this month gone? I feel like I’m running to keep up with my life but I have precious little to show for it. I hereby submit my request to the universe to slow the hell down already. Okay? Thanks.

BUT, I am not here today to complain. I am here today to show you what  I DO have to show for the craziness that has been 2011 thus far.

It’s a brand spankin’ new pattern available on Ravelry and in My Etsy Shop.

This pattern is like oatmeal: plain, simple, satisfying, and all about the fiber. I give you the Jilly Pouch:

The pouches pictured are in Plymouth Yarn’s “Boku”, which I selected because of it’s wide availablilty and amazing colors. Also, because if you are knitting at gauge one skein of this yarn is pretty much exactly enough to make one of each size pouch.


I use these pouches for everything. I carry my thumb drive in the small one, the bigger sizes make great gift bags, I pack jewelry in them when I travel, and I use them when I need to transport my healing stones somewhere. Also they are pretty and really, really easy to knit, as long as you can knit in the round.

You can purchase the PDF on Ravelry or in my Etsy shop.


5 thoughts on “January, You Didn’t Do Right By Me

    1. I honestly don’t know! I’ve never used a loom. I think it would–can you do “yarn overs” on a loom? Or make holes/lace some other way? You need to make an eyelet row for the drawstring to weave through. Also, I don’t know how one binds off on a loom, so you might have to improvise that part.

  1. Wow, they are nice! Do you think that the big one is big enough to put a Knitted Goddess in? I think it a great idea to have a kind of cover when giving them away.

    1. Mira–No, the biggest one definitely isn’t big enough for a knitted goddess. Though the pattern could be adapted to be larger–I include a brief explanation of how you might make different sizes, though it would still probably require some experimentation.

      You’ve made me want to design a big fancy bag for the goddesses now though . . . 😀

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