New Moon Reading for February 2011

Welcome to February! And happy New Moon to you all. The Faeries’ gave me four cards for you this month.

A Collective of Pixies, standing on their head (in other words, reversed), want to ask us why we make such drudgery of everything? They say, “Disney doesn’t get much right, but that whole ‘Whistle While You Work’ bit was spot on.” There are two things this collective is good at: Joyful work, and cooperation. We could really stand to learn from them in these areas. It seems like the United States especially has a dreadful work ethic. What? you say. We all work so hard! So many hours. More than the Japanese! And that, say the Pixies, is the problem. Too much work, not enough joy.

Now, are they telling us not to work? Of COURSE not. Every being, from the smallest cell to the mightiest deity, has work to do. Work is a gift. It helps us to have purpose, it helps us interact with each other, it helps us to see the ways we impact the universe. And all work is important, in some way or another. But the Pixies are concerned about how little joy we take in our work. They think some of our national crisis in work comes from the way we have allowed the life and beauty and joy to be sucked out of work. They aren’t willing to get in to the discussion about who is to blame for this tragedy. Blame never helps anyway. What they ARE willing to do is set us a fine example of appropriate work. Appropriate work is as much about attitude as it is about aptitude. They say: “If you can’t do it cheerfully, maybe you shouldn’t do it at all.” And, of course, “Shared tasks are way more fun. Why wash the car alone when you could find a partner and have a water fight?” (Perhaps they’ve forgotten that it’s sort of cold outside right now. I bet the temps in Faerie are considerably more pleasant.) But you get the idea: working together is usually better than working alone.

Tobaira of the Waters watches over the holy wells, the healing springs, the sacred pools of both the inner and outer landscapes. She is the lady of flowing emotions, of moving tides, of living waters. When she appears in a reading she indicates a moment of choice. The tides, the currents, are carrying us somewhere. We’re in this current because of choices we’ve made. And we have two choices: we can rest in the flow, and allow the water to carry us where we need to go next. OR, we can fight, and struggle, and end up with water in our mouths, sore muscles, and cuts and bruises . . . and arrive at exactly the same place, unable to appreciate it because we are so battered from our resistence. But the tide of change is on us, however we feel about it. The only thing we can control is what shape we’re in when we wash up on the shore.

The Faun is an embodiment of natural wisdom and wild magic. He dances through the green world and invites us to dance with him. He reminds us that we are all inherently filled with natural magic; it’s just that most of us have learned to quell it. He says, “Now would be a really good time to get in tune with that inner power; you’re going to need it to heal yourselves and the planet.” He thinks we can still do it. He knows that miracles happen every day, and that no one is so ordinary they can’t change the world. Have you closed yourself off to the song of creation? Have you withheld yourself from dancing with the mystery? It’s never too late to open our hearts and be re-animated by the sacred force of love–which is the true source of magic. He suggests that opening your eyes to the beauty of the green world around you is a great place to start. And maybe, he says, think about dancing and singing–by yourself if you feel too self conscious. Music and movement are some of the oldest and best ways of opening ourselves to the unseen, and to the magic of what IS seen. It’s not too late, he says. Not yet.

Gawtcha thinks it’s unfair that no one is ever happy to see him. Sure, he appears to trip us up, knock us down, drop the anvil on our heads, smash a pie in our faces. BUT, he says, he’d never have to do that if we would just PAY ATTENTION. Gawtcha has a hard job. He has to do whatever it takes to show us where we are heading in the wrong direction, clinging to false assumptions or destructive attitudes, or otherwise making a mess of things. He would much rather be hanging out around the home brew, singing drinking songs, but he can’t, because we are so good at stumbling around with blind-folds on, heading toward a cliff. He says we have no idea how hard it is to stop some of us from racing over the precipice because we don’t want to admit it’s there. He convinces the tree root to trip us so that we’ll look at the path from a different angle and see the disaster we’re headed for. Now he’s looking at us with his bloodshot eyes–he doesn’t get much sleep, poor fellow–and saying, “Please wake up. Please watch where you’re going. Please listen to the messages that you’ve been ignoring. I’d really like a a chance to take a vacation.”

This reading was a general message from the faeries for the readers of the blog. If you’re interested in purchasing a reading specifically for you or someone you love, see my Etsy shop.

To learn more about the creator of The Faeries’ Oracle, please visit the World of Froud website. I am not associated with the Brian Froud or Imaginosis in any way: I just think love his work.


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