In Which I Apologize for Lame Blogging Habits

My apologies for the quiet week. I was sick for several days, and then was playing catch up on every day life after being sick, so blogging fell by the wayside. I’m still not all the way caught up–I have some packages to ship and an open house to get ready for today.

But, I thought I’d share with you a few links to some places where you can see my work and my workSPACE, to tide you over until I’m in regular blogging form again. Probably next week–there are snowdrops blooming that I want to show you, and a couple of books I want to tell you about. Here then is a little whirlwind tour of general creative awesomeness on the ‘net.

So first off, I was surprised and pleased this morning to receive a message from a fellow Etsian and member of the Pagan Team, letting me know she featured one of my items on her blog. It’s a great post, with a review of a book I might have to read now and some musings on the relationship between magic and the artistic process.

Next, artist, writer, and editor Terri Windling (who wrote my favorite book in the whole world) is hosting a series on her blog called “On Your Desk”, where readers submit photos of their work spaces. I sent her photos of both my desk and my studio work table. She included both in a post on her lovely blog, and was kind enough to quote a little from this here blog and to link to my Etsy shop. Whether you are interested in my desk or not, I encourage you to visit The Drawing Board; it’s an enchanting read almost every day. My favorite thing about Windling’s blog is the way it seems to contribute to a spirit of community among creative folk–both those she knows in person, and those who come to visit virtually from around the world. She frequently shares the work and thoughts of other creatives, pointing her readers to a wider world of beauty.

And finally, this post has nothing whatever to do with me, but I thought it was awesome and wanted a place to share it. Since this post is on the random side anyway, it seems the perfect place to post a link to Tapping The Long Tale. This entry appears on the blog of one of the editors of Goblin Fruit, “a quarterly journal of fantastical poetry”. Goblin Fruit is, in and of itself, VERY worth checking out. But if you are too lazy to click all these links, then I’ll share with you a snippet of the post that made me all kinds of happy. Ahem.

It meant that we have, each of us, a story that is uniquely ours — a narrative arc that we can walk with purpose once we figure out what it is. It’s the opposite to living our lives episodically, where each day is only tangentially connected to the next, where we are ourselves the only constants linking yesterday to tomorrow. There is nothing wrong with that, and I don’t want to imply that there is by saying how much this shocked me — just that it felt so suddenly, painfully right to think that I have tapped into my Long Tale, that I have set my feet on the path I want to walk the rest of my life, and that it is a path of stories and writing and that no matter how many oceans I cross or how transient I feel in any given place, I am still on my Tale’s Road, because having tapped it, having found it, the following is inevitable. Not easy — it will probably be hard, and may be steep and thorny or wet and muddy or beset by badgers, but to not follow it is inconceivable because it is mine.

But you should go read the whole post, because it is also FUNNY.

This post got me thinking a lot about how GOOD it is to be me right now (in spite of the arse kicking this cold has given me). It’s good to look around and think: Yep. This is what I’m doing. And it’s awesome. I hope it keeps going.

And that, my friends, is all for today. I have a million little price tags to put on a million little knitted things, and also want to do some editing today. I will endeavor to return next week with real, actual posts. And hopefully, the first flower watch of the year.


2 thoughts on “In Which I Apologize for Lame Blogging Habits

  1. On your recommendation, I hunted down ‘The Wood Wife’ and absolutely loved it. What an incredible writer, and what an incredible story! Thanks so much for cluing me in. 😉

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