The First Flower Watching of 2011

You know, when I lived in Michigan I loathed February. By February we’d had MONTHS of snow and cold, but Spring was still so far away. But now that I live in Oregon, February is one of my favorite months. We start to get some lovely days sprinkled in among the cold wet ones, the trees start budding, the starlings come back and nest on our porch, and we start getting flowers again.

Oregon Grape is Budding

Okay so these are flower BUDS and not actual flowers, but I say they still count. I love Oregon Grape–it has bold form and colors at a time of year when most blooming things are of the delicate and diminutive persuasion. At least as far as looks go . . . isn’t it funny how the blooms that come out in the harshest weather look so sweet and fragile? Just goes to show you how you can’t make assumptions based on what someone looks like. In case all those martial arts movies with tiny, withered old men who just happen to be kung fu masters haven’t convinced you.

The Snow Drops WOULD Be Open if it was Sunny This Morning

Also, I think I deserve some kind of blogging award for working Kung Fu and violets in to the same post so seamlessly.

Violets Taste Good Even When You're Not a Slug

Of course, though I love February, it does seem to be the muddiest month of the year. I swear I could vacuum, sweep and mop every day and the floors would still be yucky. I don’t do all those things every day, though. Good thing my slippers have rubber soles. But mud or no mud, I love the rush of energy that comes with the first promise of Spring, and I love getting out and trimming the rose bushes and talking to the garden spirits and seeing the way a lot of herbs are putting up tiny, feathery foliage. It is totally the best time of year.

At least until fall.


6 thoughts on “The First Flower Watching of 2011

    1. OH I love Johnny Jump Ups and Bluebells, and don’t HAVE any. I should amend that situation . . . have you been getting Dandelion blossoms? There are a few around here though they’re usually closed up due to the rain and cold.

  1. I happen to agree one hundred percent. Spring is an amazing time of year and one I can’t wait for. The thought of spring blooms makes me giddy. Thanks so much for sharing your piece of heaven!

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