Scenes from the Garden, March 14, 2011

I think it’s time for a little nature therapy. I spent a little time outside, during a break in the rain. Even in a few minutes outside there is always something worth seeing.

I Love Moss

I really love moss. Which is a good thing, since I live in an area where moss grows on anything that will sit still long enough. This moss is growing on  a stone at the edge of one of the herb beds, where yarrow and sweet woodruff are starting to put up new green shoots, and the rosemary is thinking about blooming.

Leaf Skeleton in its Natural Habitat

I often see leaf skeletons looking all clean and perfect in craft stores. I imagine they are created by subjecting regular leaves to some sort of chemical process. This here leaf skeleton is naturally occurring, and happily decomposing under the rosemary plant. I left it there to finish the job. A picture is enough.

My garden is greening. And that makes me happy.



3 thoughts on “Scenes from the Garden, March 14, 2011

  1. I love this time of year. My jonquils are blooming, the hosta’s are coming up. Life is beginning anew. The Robins have any made thier annual appearance to my native holly’s and their red berries. I have a true in my back yard that gets the biggest purple blooms I have ever seen. It buds in the middle of winder and blooms the first week of March. I was told it was an Empress Tree and then I was told it was some sort of a Magnolia. So I really don’t know what it is other than beautiful.

  2. I love moss, too! – As I’m living in a flat, I have just a balcony, but also there new life is thriving. The forsythias in the gardens around are in bloom, and that’s the sign that I have to cut back my roses that are at home in big pots. Yesterday, I got up the fuchsias that have been hibernating in the cellar, and I trimmed them too. All are getting fresh organic potting soil (every second year, that is now). Some new summer flowers that are not perennial I will buy soon. I will grow some scarlet runner beans to cover a wall, and at one side of my balcony a big old wisteria is passing from below to the roof one storey above, spreading her twigs and shade over one side. The titmice are hopping in and out, looking for the nuts and seeds I am still feeding them.

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