New Moon Reading for May 2011

We have four cards this morning: Faeries of the Future, Taitin the Sylph (reversed), Solus, and Gawtcha

The Faeries of the Future want to remind us that we each determine our own path and our own future. Are you choosing your own path, or being mindlessly swept along in the tide of where everyone else is going? This is a heady time, and it’s easy to let others determine your direction, but in the end that will leave you feeling dissatisfied with yourself and, possibly, with your actions.

Taitin the Sylph’s presence strongly reinforces this though. She says “There’s an awful lot of hubbub right now, and very little of it is grounded in reality.” Taitin doesn’t mind: she loves nothing better than to ride the waves of excitement, the flights of fancy, generated by extreme emotions. She’s in her element right now. But WE are human, and we need to keep our feet on the ground. We need to remember that flights of fancy can be fun–for a while. But it’s best if we can remain firmly centered in our hearts, rather than flitting around in the ether of speculation. Taitin likes to get carried away. We like it sometimes too, but we would do better to keep a clear head.

Solus is a spirit of light emerging. His presence here is very encouraging; he tells us that new things are coming in to being, new possibilities are appearing. He suggests movement in to the light, and tells us that now is a time for positive action that will bring blessing and learning to the world. This is a time for service coming from the strength of our convictions and our hearts. We can help to create a better world from this time of change.

And finally, Gawtcha. Gawtcha is the embodiment–or perhaps the cause–of all those nasty little surprises that catch us when we aren’t paying attention. The faeries have a lot to say today about where our attention is going, how we are focusing our energy. Gawtcha’s presence says it is really, really important that we listen. Gawtcha says: “Please, please keep your eyes open, and your hearts open. Please pay attention. It’s an awful lot of work to arrange a tree root big enough to trip all of you.” In other words: eyes on the path you’ve chosen, everyone, so that Gawtcha doesn’t have to bring you back to earth by making you fall on your face. Choosing to direct your thoughts and actions in a way that will help Solus bring greater light to the world is a much better choice.


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