Bees are Good. ZOMbees are Bad. Don’t Bee a Zombee.

I met Delisa Carnegie on Etsy. She is a smart ass, so of course we hit it off pretty quickly. Delisa is also a creativity coach, offering her services on her website, The Creativity Rebellion.

AND, as if that weren’t enough, this friend has put together a guide to Kicking Zombee Ass & Breaking Free from the Hive. What is a zombee, you are probably asking?

A zombee is someone that is living life in a zombie state. You go through the motions of life doing everything the right, normal, traditional way. You feel stuck or trapped. Your life isn’t turning out the way you’ve dreamed. You want to be doing something else, but you don’t.

The guide is an irreverent, in-your-face self help manual for anyone who feels mired in boredom and dissatisfaction, and wants to create a more authentic, creative life.

Soon she will be offering it for sale, but because I am SPECIAL I got an advance copy of the ebook. (Okay, really it was because I said “If you send me a copy I will review it on my blog”, and she said “okay”. But she said “okay” because I’m special. I totally didn’t put her in a headlock or anything. Really.)

SO, what can you expect from the ebook? I have made you a LIST. With bullets. Because I am FANCY.

  • You can expect swearing. I happen to be fond of swearing, but some people fear it. You’ve been warned.
  • You can expect hilarity. Statements such as “Magnificence takes balls” and “Yes I just called you an asshat” kept me giggling as I read.
  • You can expect exercises–sort of visual journaling, where you explore your desires and what holds you back.
  • You can expect a very different take on self-help. This is not your mother’s self-help. Ms. Carnegie is not Oprah. She says things like “This is your last chance to be whiny or bitchy. Get it out now.”

So, what do you do if you want to read it? Well, since you aren’t as special as me, you will have to wait until May 15. You CAN, however, enter to win a free copy once it becomes available. To enter, tweet @delisacarnegie or tweet this post using the tweet button, saying you want to enter. There is no other way to get your name in the drawing.

The winner will be chosen on May 15, and will be notified via tweet. The guide will be sent via email.

And if you don’t win, you can always buy a copy and support a fellow smart ass.

Good luck!


10 thoughts on “Bees are Good. ZOMbees are Bad. Don’t Bee a Zombee.

  1. Yeh, I can just picture you putting someone in a headlock!

    It sounds like a book for this time, which will actually communicate with folks. I wish the author really good sales!

    1. Nicole I would so love to come visit you! If only I had money for a plane ticket. And someone to do my gardening for me while I’m gone.

      Maybe in the WINTER!

      As for the book, if you’re on Twitter you can still get in the drawing for a free one until the end of the day!

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