We Grow the Good Stuff

So I was going to write this big long rant of a post this afternoon, but then I went outside and watched my cat play in the catnip. I like it better. Apologies for poor video quality, my camera is cheap and I’ve never made a video before.

I especially like the way she falls asleep at the end. Awwww, kitteh.


10 thoughts on “We Grow the Good Stuff

  1. That was FUN! What a sweet, fluffy, plump (okay if I say that?) kitteh indeed. My kitties love their catmint, but I might have to grow some actual catNIP as well. I think I’ll follow your kitty’s lead and take a nap in the sun.

    1. She IS a bit plump, and her fluff makes her look even MORE plump. She’s also the sweetest, cuddliest kitty in the world if you are human. If you’re another cat, though, better watch out.

  2. Aww! lol I also like the falling asleep part. I grow loads of catnip, but have the most immune kitty in the world. She could care less. *lol* But I love the smell of it!

    1. You know two of our three cats go wild for the catnip, but the third really doesn’t care about it. I guess some cats just don’t.

      The smell is very nice, and the flowers are pretty too!

  3. LOL! That is so cute! Sometimes I wish I can just drop everything and play around until I fall asleep. Ah, the life of a cat!

  4. How cute was that! I just had a big rant, I should have done something like this instead! My husband would have preferred it! LOL

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