News Flash: Friday the 13th Passed Without Incident

Oregon, 2011.

I’m superstitious about the number 13.

I think it’s a really  happy number. And I’m not the only one: in some cultures, 13 is considered a LUCKY number.

My Friday the 13th was pretty much a perfect day. What makes a perfect day, you ask?

I'm Not Sure What This Is, But It's Pretty

Flowers, of course. Anyone know what that plant is? It gets two or three feet tall, spreads by thick running shoots just under the soil surface, and has a kind of nasty white milky sap. But it’s super pretty and tough. It was given to me by a friend and I lost the tag, and my friend doesn’t remember what it is. I love that it blooms so early in the year with such a wonderful vivid orange.

Kitty in Contemplation

Warm weather; warm enough to open the windows. It’s been a cold spring. Open windows were a welcome change.

In the end, Friday the 13th is just another day around here. Just another really good day.


9 thoughts on “News Flash: Friday the 13th Passed Without Incident

  1. Ooh, pretty flower. My Friday the 13th was productive–I wrote more than 1k words, the sun was out and we played in the playground. For my daughter, however, it was a day if boo-boos. She tripped on a scooter and hurt her wrist and ankle, bumped her head on the slide, and her brother threw her shoes outside. Needless to say, it was a bad day. I felt so bad for her.

    Then Saturday came and I had a bad day. Freaky? Yes. What does that say about me? That I’m always trying to catch up. Friday the 13th on Saturday. Go figure.

    1. Cherie–I am simultaneously sad for your daughters misfortune and cackling at your “always trying to catch up” comment.

      Hope today treats you better than yesterday did.

  2. Of course, Friday of 13th is a lucky day! 🙂 I read once that it is just a reversion by the Christian church. According to this interpretation, the number “13” was/is holy to the Goddess, as there are 13 moon cycles during the sun year. And the day of Friday was/is also holy to many Goddesses, e.g. Venus was worshipped on this day by the Romans, and Freya by the Teutons. So for Christian authorities, a Friday the 13th combined two horrors – and was very unlucky to THEM! For me it is always a special holiday I celebrate with some incense.

    Sorry, Cherie, for what happened to your daughter.

    1. Mira, I have heard the goddess lore of the number 13 also! There is also a common perception that the Knights Templar were slain on Friday the 13th, but that seems to be a modern invention.

      Friday the 13th is usually a great day for me. Maybe because I’m not worried about it. 😀

  3. Friday the 13th is indeed a lucky day! For a bit more than a year before my heart attack I had been steadily losing my ability to climb stairs and had not been down to my basement laundry room for many months. On Friday the 13th I climbed down those stairs and back up again, with the help and coaching of my physical therapist!

  4. Did you know I was born on Friday the 13th? No big deal. Yet another reason why we heart each other. -ec

  5. The plant in the pic above I believe is called spurge. Seeing yours reminded me I must of accidentally killed mine… no show this season. Believe I read you can make oil out of the seeds. Glad I found your site! Also Oregonian.. and budding herbalist.

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