Boring Business, With Polls

1. Do you like the new look? It’s not purely an aesthetic change. You will notice that there are now tabs at the top of the page. You see, I have multiple personalities can’t focus on any one thing lead a double lifeam a multi-faceted individual, so the topics on the blog wander all over the place. After some discussion with my insightful and helpful fellow writers over on the Agent Query Connect site, I realized that I could provide you with a menu. The pretty  new tabs allow you to custom-tailor your blog reading experience! (I’m not sure exactly what that means, but it sounds fancy.) So if you come here for the eco-friendly stuff, you needn’t be bothered with all the writing blather, and so on. If you hover over any of the tabs with your mouse, you will see a brief description of what the tab is all about.

All this categorizing got me wondering what y’all really want to read. Stats only tell me so much about my blog traffic–mostly, they tell me how you GOT here. They don’t tell me why you come back (IF you come back). So I thought I would make up an egotistical poll to find out. And who knows? Maybe I’ll take the results in to consideration when I’m deciding what to blog about. Maybe.

2. I’ve compiled a list of all participants for the Round Robin Blogvel. If you sent me a sign-up email and haven’t heard back from me with a chapter assignment, then something went wrong. Check your spam folder first; if you don’t have anything from me, email me again and we’ll get it figured out. The first chapter goes up on Monday, and if all goes according to plan, the last chapter will be posted on October 3rd. That is a whole summer of silliness to look forward to.

The next order of business is to figure out the best way to help the readers follow the blogvel around the internet. Should I assume y’all are adults and can follow the flow of links? Should I post a link to the latest chapter on my blog every Monday? Or should I create a special page for the blogvel, with a list of each chapters, its designated blog, and the date on which it is scheduled to appear? Do you care?

That’s right, it’s another poll.

Participating authors, you will be readers too! So feel free to vote. (Not that I could stop you.)

I do believe that’s all the boring stuff for now. Stay tuned for the first chapter of the Blogvel, and yet another bloggish announcement in the next few days. Also maybe something about food.


One thought on “Boring Business, With Polls

  1. Well, I just thought I send a shout out from the ghetto of Florence Alabama, home to the Muscle Shoals sound for those of you old enough to remember the Stones and other groups recording their percussion here in the 60’s and 70’s. And I do mean GheTTo. I am recently returned to the local University of North Alabama this summer to try and finish off whats left of my financial aid and am living in sketchy housing three blocks from the University. We just had a drive by shooting yesterday and since I avoid contact with most of my neighbors for what ought to be now obvious reasons, I still have to gossip about it with SOMEONE!! There was a woman from my building shot in the foot while sitting in front of the crack house (dont feel bad for all the people in public housing) behind/beside the Store N ‘Deli. The building I live in is 15 stories tall and I live on the second floor where bullets were heard by yours truly ricocheting off the walls. Unsubstantiated rumor has it that a bed ridden woman down the hall from me had one enter her apartment but I’ve seen no broken windows or doors on the outside to back that up. So what is normally a boring residence, is as usual made a comi-tragedy by the people who live here.

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