The Summer of Bloggerly Love

I love blogs. I love bloggers. I love writing guest posts, and having guests on my blog. SO I was thinking about making guest posts a more regular kinda thing, and then, well–okay honestly I have no idea where the idea came from, but once it wormed its way in to my brain I couldn’t get rid of it.

SO, at the risk of being She Who Never Stops With the Crazy Blog Invitations, I’m now accepting applications for participation in the Summer of Bloggerly Love.

At first I thought I would just go at it willy nilly, be a total blog slut and post for whoever asked me, and get blog posts from whoever I could bully in to it. But THEN I thought it might be nice to be a little more organized about the whole thing. Think courtesan rather than the easy chick in high school. Okay I’m not near classy enough to be a courtesan. Maybe a call girl. With a schedule.

SO. I would LIKE to do a sort of blog swap once a week, where y’all post on my blog and I post on yours. And since it’s the Summer of Bloggerly Love, I would like guest posts on my blog to be about–wait for it–love. But I encourage a loose interpretation of the word “love”. You can post about a book you love, or a movie you love, or you can talk about your first love, or tell us how you fell in love with writing or stories, or . . . well, anything really. What do you love? What do you think about love? Why? Let us all SHARE our feelings. It will be truly special.

In return, I will post a guest post for your blog. And I will even give you a choice: do you want me to stick to the topic of love, or do you want me to blog about something different? Challenge me! (But don’t be too mean. I reserve the right to say “no sorry, I want a different challenge”.)

Want in on the love? Drop me an email at michelle [dot] simkins [at] gmail [dot] com, and we’ll make a date.

In the meantime, if you want to see what kind of shenanigans I get up to on other people’s blogs, you can read my guest post for The Creativity Rebellion. And keep your eyes peeled for my guest post at Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire at the end of June.


4 thoughts on “The Summer of Bloggerly Love

  1. This should prove interesting.

    Give me a little more time to think about it… like as soon as I see what I may be up to with Marathon, and I’ll let you know, Luv.

    **Assuming I don’t end up with my ass handed to me with the crits then!** 😉 😀

  2. Ditto what Peter said M,

    Marathon is where my focus will be this summer, but I like the premise you’re presenting. So I too have my hand tentatively raised. 🙂

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