Summer of Bloggerly Love Guest Post by Dawn G. Sparrow

Welcome to the second Summe of Bloggerly Love post. This week we have a post on book love from my buddy Dawn G. Sparrow. Over on her blog, I share the story of my tumultous love affair with writing. And now, here’s Dawn:

So, I am supposed to write about love, right? Yeah, got it. Hmmm…there are just so many things I love. Okay, I’ve got it.

Books. I love books.

I don’t mean the Kindle or e-book type. I mean REAL books.

I want to be able to feel the book in my hand, smell the paper, and see where the ink smears when your hands are wet when you read it.

There is so much about books that thrills me. I love the way they look on my bookshelves and how I always have one sitting on my nightstand.

They were my friends when I thought I didn’t have any, my confidants when I thought my world was falling apart, my lovers when that was what I needed most.

Yeah, I’m crazy about books!

Okay, now what types of books do I like the most? What makes me shiver when I see it on the shelf? You’d be amazed.

If you know me at all, you will know that I am a scientist. I studied Biology with special concentrations on sharks and jellyfish. So, it won’t come as a surprise that I have a special place for my scientific papers. But it may surprise you to learn I am also a two-time national Silver Medal Winner for beading. So I have LOTS of beading books as well.

But my favorites? Classics. Hands down. Give me a Bronte sister, Mark Twain, or Shakespeare. That makes me a happy camper.

Don’t get me wrong, modern books are great and definitely have a place, just not beside my LORD OF THE FLIES novel!


Dawn G. Sparrow is a mother, wife, homemaker, writer, animal lover, and science geek. She blogs about the writing life at Write Away, and Tweets vast quantities of nonsense (with much help from yours truly) on Twitter.


3 thoughts on “Summer of Bloggerly Love Guest Post by Dawn G. Sparrow

  1. I’d be lost as well without my books!! I still have my high school books of Lord of the Flies, 1984, Cantebury Tales, my collection of Shakespeare, Little Women, and among others that made an impact on me as well (those still from highschool)!! I had to let books go, which I hated, but I share…those books I can pass on, I do it. I don’t sell them back, I pass on… Though, I’ve transitioned in having a Nook (it has and will not take over my life), I still have books piled up to read. I do love the feeling of a book in the hand and the smell of a book! The Nook is great for book downloads from the library, however I can get the book I want, in whatever media form…I’m on it! 🙂 So my love of reading…here and now and always will be. I lost my way after having my child, but 3 years after his birth…I became reabsorbed again and I felt like ME! 🙂 xoxo

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