Faerieworlds 2011: Saturday

Saturday . . . we had rain. Fortunately, it was warmish, and my buddies had the forethought to bring tarp, and my host family loaned me a nice big umbrella. And it stopped raining in the evening, just in time for the big white jellyfish to come out, and for the blowing of giant bubbles. Also, for the really good dancing. So even with the rain, it was a win.

Also, my thighs were still sore. I danced anyway. It was, once again, completely spectacular.

Here are the pics. I decided to try the gallery method of posting pics this time–click on thumbnails to embiggen.

Now for a little business: First, a question for y’all about how I do pictures. Once more, we have a poll. After a week I’m going to count the votes to decide how to handle photo-heavy posts in the future.

Second: I’m not sure what happened with chapter 4 of Skeleton Key. Last week I sent a reminder email and received a confirmation, but no chapter appeared on Monday and my email asking about it went unanswered. I hope everything is all right with the author. In the meantime, we’re going to have to go without a chapter this week, and next week the lovely Riley Redgate over at In the Jungle will give us chapter 4. Sorry guys; I tried to keep the ball rolling, but sometimes it gets dropped. I’m adjusting the table of contents to keep us on track.

Third: Don’t forget about the contest to win a critique from moi of a short story. And, since I had a request, I will ALSO happily critique a partial something or other. We’ll say the limit is ten pages (either Courier or Times New Roman font, 12 point type or bigger. No funny stuff to get more words in the ten pages and trick me in to critiquing your entire screenplay or something). The deadline to enter is NEXT Monday, June 27. Details can be found Ā here.

And that is all! I now return you to your regularly scheduled work week, already in progress.


5 thoughts on “Faerieworlds 2011: Saturday

  1. I wish to see this pink outfit you spoke of! where are the photos of that…hm? The photo of the giant staff wilding woman made my day- so cool! I voted for full size, scroll through on screen pics. this way there isnt a bunch of “back and forth”…clicking on the thumbnail and then clicking back to the blog only to click on a thumbnail again and then have to click back to the blog…clickily click and more clicking and such! Hi.
    Much love!

    1. You crack me up! The pink outfit is in the pictures from Friday night. I even have pink flowers in my hair.

      Also, with the slide show (like in the Friday night entry) you don’t need to click: you just sit and watch the pictures pass you by. šŸ˜€

  2. YAY! White Jellyfish and embiggening thumbnails! You’ve represented Faerieworld with class and flair. Thank you for the goatabulous glimpses of the wee folks. šŸ™‚ This earns you a 21 Goattail Salute!

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