Summer of Bloggerly Love: Guest Post by Cherie

Welcome to the second Summer of Bloggerly Love post. This week we have a post on love from my buddy Cherie. Over on her blog, I ramble about following your bliss before it’s too late. And now, here’s Cherie:

Love. Such a simple word and yet it holds so much power. An emotion capable of creating and destroying worlds, lives, people. When Michelle hosted the Summer of Bloggerly Love, I volunteered readily, thinking it would be so easy to talk about love or anything connected to love. But as the date for the guest post drew near, I started panicking. What would I talk about? There are so many things we can love—after all, we are humans programmed to feel. We yearn, we desire, we hurt. All five senses designed to make sure we don’t miss the purple tints across the evening sky, the cool breeze caressing our skin on a hot day, the tiny beats of a newborn baby’s heart.

Love is…

Ephemeral and Forever. It can be a moment that slips through your fingers when you are too slow to see it for what it is. It can be as fleeting as the brush of a dandelion seed against your hand. There are people you may have met or will meet in your lifetime and they’ll stamp love on your skin, but their presence will be short, albeit sweet. I had such a friend once. We were an unlikely pair—she was much older than I was, though we were both college students residing in the same dormitory. When I met her, I was going through an existential crisis: What am I doing? Where am I heading? I don’t know what I want or who I am anymore. In truth, I had a lot going on for me but I just couldn’t see it myself. I was restless, impatient. Like all other young adults, angst had taken hold of my gut and twisted it around in complicated pretzel knots.

Through my job, I came to know my friend. She was shy, rather awkward, and painfully aware of the difference between us. Not only with our age gap but with all other superficial factors that people seem to consider important even when they’re not (such as social background, physical features, etc.). She’d had a hard life. She didn’t trust people and she didn’t trust me at first. But we talked a lot about our experiences, our perspectives. In time she trusted me, and in turn my angsty void was redirected somewhere else, or at least it became so insignificant I stopped looking for it.

It was only for a summer that we shared this friendship. Life got busier, I got married and moved away, and the chasm widened when she married and moved even farther away. Years later, we had a chance to meet again. But then cancer took her before our old friendship could resume.

Love is fleeting, but it’s also eternal. I will always remember how she’d pulled me out of the dark without her knowing it, how in that brief summer she provided the friendship I needed. She may be gone, but the memory remains.

Love is…

Intangible and Solid. We all say this, that love is too hard to describe in one word. It’s so encompassing, so broad, and has too many angles that we’re better off leaving it undefined or bound in a sack. Music let notes sing of love, poetry measures it in the cadence of their meters. Writers and novelists portray love in their books in many different ways. It is ethereal. But love can be solid, too. It is in your toddler’s pink chubby cheeks as you kiss him goodnight. Your daughter’s hug after your long talk about how to deal with the bullies at school. It is there when you hold hands with your spouse as you sit quietly next to each other, watching your children play in the yard. Love is in your grandmother’s frail shoulders as she opens her door to welcome you in. Love is what you hear in your mother’s voice as you talk on the phone, being separated by thousands of miles of water and land but never separated in spirit.

Take time to pause and pay attention. Love surrounds us, and I don’t mean that in a hippie-ish way, though that isn’t a bad thing at all.   I hope that Love abounds in your life.

Cherie is a YA writer who loves to read, and is currently working on a YA Urban Fantasy novel.  You can find out more about her at her blog.


5 thoughts on “Summer of Bloggerly Love: Guest Post by Cherie

  1. Oh, Cherie. Such a beautiful post! Thank you Michelle, for letting her be your guest. This is so true: “There are people you may have met or will meet in your lifetime and they’ll stamp love on your skin”. How you come up with such succint yet emotive lines, I’ll never know. It’s a gift. And you’re right. We should grasp at every thread of love possible in the time we have, because it’s the one thing universal to us all in a world full of diversity. The picture of the heart on the fingers is so lovely and symbolic!

  2. Mucho thanks for the love, guys! Anita, you are so sweet (as always). I’m glad you enjoyed my post. Jenny and Riley, glad I could share the love with you all.

    Thanks, Michelle, for this opportunity. Your Summer of Bloggerly Love is awesome! 😉

  3. I’m so glad I finally got a chance to read your guest post, Cherie. It is so important to take the time to give love, but I think it’s just as important to acknowledge the love you have received. Thanks for the beautiful post. 🙂

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