Faerieworlds 2011: Sunday

Sunday the weather was HOT and sunny. I got myself a killer sunburn, in spite of the sunscreen, but it was worth it.  More dancing, more beautiful costumes, and a lovely chat with one of the vendors who sold stones and beaded jewelry. Also, Sunday was family day, so there were many more adorable wee faeries to ooooh and aaaaaah over!


10 thoughts on “Faerieworlds 2011: Sunday

  1. I love all the photos that have been coming through! It looks like a happy group. I wonder – could this be what Country Fair was like before it got all chic and crowded? At any rate, Faerieworld looks way fun.

    1. I’m not actually sure how many people were there! And I couldn’t find stats anywhere for how many tickets were sold. But there were a lot of people!

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