On Your Altar: The Faerieworlds Altar

And here is my last Faerieworlds post. I’m almost sad about that–these posts have made me feel a little bit like it’s still going on. Now it really is over. Until next time!

One of the loveliest things at Faerieworlds this year was the public altar. It was set up in front of the stage, and anyone could place something on it. So the altar grew and evolved over the weekend. My pictures were all taken the first day–trust me, it got prettier–but even at the beginning it was lovely.

Beautiful moss, feathers, stones, mushrooms, candles . . .

And antlers and glittering things

And a cauldron, and a goddess statue. I was told the statue is of Aradia. I’d not seen one like it before, but it was lovely!

I was amazed at how respectful everyone was of this public altar, even the children. Made of awesome, indeed!


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