You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

Or at least you pretend you do.

Okay, this is just a post to brag to all of you about how LUCKY I am this month, and also to let y’all know about some fun things coming up.

First, I was fortunate enough to win an ARC of Brenna Yovanoff’s The Space Between from the lovely and talented Jenny of The Party Pony. Ms. J is a talented and zany writer, she’s funny as hell, and she’s quite generous with the giving away of things. If you aren’t following her blog, then you need to. If you need incentive, she will be giving away more ARCS in the future. (Also, I’ll be reviewing The Space Between some time this week, or next week. Or whenever I get around  to it.) (Also, the Pony will be Prancing through this here blog some time in AUGUST as part of the Bloggerly Love thing. Watch for her!).

Second, I won a little writing contest over on Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire. It was a flash fiction contest, and I took first place! You can read my entry here, and you can read the second and third place entries (which are way awesome) here. BBC (as she’s affectionately known on Agent Query Connect) has a fantastic blog with agent and author interviews, contests, and chances to win locks of her hair. If you haven’t checked her out you should. Or . . . er . . . check out her BLOG, not her. I mean, she’s cute and all but . . . okay I’m stopping now before this gets any worse.

Third, I guess BBC really likes me a lot (or, er, likes my writing anyway), because not only did she choose my story as a winner, but she’s also allowing me to be a guest poster on her blog THIS Thursday, June 30. She is trusting me not to frighten away her followers: she is a brave woman! This post is in ADDITION to the posts for The Summer of Bloggerly Love. I’m getting around the internet, y’all.

Fourth, speaking of The Summer of Bloggerly Love, I still have a few spaces left. If you’re interested, details and instructions can be found here.

Fifth, my contest to win a short critique by writing a wee story ends tomorrow night at midnight, so there’s still some time to squeeze in! And now that I am an AWARD WINNING AUTHOR (har har), you know my critique is WORTH something. (snort)

Sixth, the Round Robin Blogvel is back on track, and the next installment of Skeleton Key will be up at In The Jungle tomorrow. I have read it already (cuz I’m special, yo) and it’s fantastic, so be sure to scurry on over there in the morning and check it out.

I do believe that’s all my business for now. Stay tuned for reviews, a guest post from my writing buddy, and maybe some garden pics this week. Happy Summer!


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